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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hair Diary *14* - Henna Treatment

I did a simple Henna Treatment to prep my hair for my next style. I kept forgetting to do it! I have been meaning to for a while, along with a protein treatment. So I decided to do the Henna now and then do the protein when I take out my next style.

Here is the video:

For the Henna mix, I kept it very simple. I only used vinegar, a little oil, honey and Suave shea almond conditioner.

In the past, I have used many other things in my mix, my favorite ingredient being plain yogurt. When I add that to my mix my hair always came out super soft and beautiful. I plan on doing my henna treatments every month. I am so happy I found that little indian shop. Now I know where I can find my henna locally! Yay!!

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