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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hair Diary *15* - Beautiful Mess

Here is the video for this style.. Finally.

The pics below are after the hair was combed out, which is why it may look a little frizzy. The second pic below is how I usually wore my hair. I used a few bobby pins to push the front up so it wouldnt be so flat and let the back hang loose. Sometimes I braided the ends, I wore a fishtail braid at one point. I also did a loose french braid going down one side of the mohawk, which was really cute.

I had my pink & purple mohawk in for a week, maybe a little more than a week. It was beautiful! I loved the style & got tons of compliments on it.

Let's talk about the hair I used. I originally posted about this hair a few years ago in this blog post.
I ordered from a Chinese vendor who sent me this crap hair when I actually paid for custom pieces. He basically sent me whatever he had lying around because he forgot about my order completely.

I knew that the hair itself was going to be bad because I did use some of the hair from a previous batch when I first got it, and it was a tangling mess as well. I had to detangle daily and mousse it up to keep it looking nice.

Too much work!

But, I figured why let the hair go to waste, so I bleached it & colored it pink & purple!

I already knew that this wasn't great hair, but I knew how to keep it tamed for the most part.

I wore it for a few days 2 years ago in a mohawk for new years and again this past week.

With really bad hair I find it best to wash the hair daily or every other day with conditioner. This time I didn't use any product except for a silicone based to smooth flyaways a little. When I get buildup which tends to be about every few days I use shampoo.

I was pretty good with taking care of this hair in the beginning but the last few days I was traveling and didn't have time to wash the hair. I wore it in a braid to keep it nice but had an event to go to so I took the braid down.

This was a huge mistake!

Within an hour my hair began to tangle and Matt. I tried to comb it out and separate the curls but it wasn't having it!

By the time I got back to the house where I could actually do something about it it was too late.
I spent the next 2 days trying to brush out this huge dreadlock that my long, beautiful, waves had become.

I got frustrated to the point where I took the style out on the last day of my trip before I left! So now my hair is in a huge bun and I want to cut my ends again.... Lol

My next hairstyle will be a set of treebraids, using the same hair that I used for my crochet braids. I love the curl of that hair!

Stay tuned for that video! Hopefully I will have it up soon, given that I actually have time to do so... :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *19*

Thinking Out Loud

  • I hate that I have not had any time to myself over the past few weeks.
  • I have so much work that I need to do but absolutely no time to do it.
  • I love Spartacus!! And The Walking Dead. My current faves... but you probably already know that. lol
  • I finally was able to finish my mohawk style video and posted to youtube.
  • Dammit.. Just looking at the video makes me upset, wish I was able to wear it much longer.
  • At least I looked good the few days before and after my birthday.
  • I am currently deep conditioning and watching movies On Demand.
  • I watched Harry Potter 8, I-Robot, and a few others so far today while working online.
  • Also too bad I didn't get any really good shots of the style. 
  • Most of the pics I did take were after I had combed the hair out so it was a little frizzy.
  • Tree Braids, Tree Braids, Tree Braidsssss!!!!!
  • I wish I could post vids more often... Need more me time!!
  • I keep breaking chargers for my phone!!! Arggghhhh
  • I have not a single clue how many chargers I have gone through... Its been a Lot...
  • I need to return my other camera before my warranty wears out... Next month lol
  • I want some sun chips and a cool ranch taco!! Off to Taco Bell!!
  • Ok, Im done.. I have nothing to talk about.. lmao

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *18*

Thinking Out Loud

  • I am so in love with my hair right now!!
  • Hopefully I will have the video for this style up Friday or Saturday. I still have to finish editing and take better pics of the style.
  • My color washes out every time I wash my hair but it is still super vibrant!
  • I really, really, REALLY..... want to go blonde!! And soon! Will do for one of my next styles.
  • I want to make an order for some beautiful virgin hair and ombre it. I'm thinking Beyonce big beautiful blonde curls! It should look awesome!
  • I am still looking for a good hair vendor with amazing quality but not bank breaking.
  • I am always looking for the best deal possible.
  • Yesterday was my Birthday!! Yay!!
  • Doing laundry today and I found $15, Son!
  • I absolutely can't wait for the HTC One to come out!! A few more months and it will be MINE!!
  • I want to get a DSLR camera like yesterday... But I will probably settle for the sony NEX depending on the image quality.
  • I have been looking at the NEX online but still haven't had the chance to go to the camera to play with it. I will most likely get either the F3 or the 7.
  • Why do they have to be so damn expensive!!
  • Currently watching Deception. Gotta Love Goldie Hawn movies!
  • I need to post more often. Hopefully things in my life will slow down at least a little so that I cna find time and inspiration to record and blog.
  • Favorite shows of the month! Spartacus, Scandal, & The Walking Dead.
  • I havent been following Shameless, House of Lies, or Californication like I did last season. I will catch up later.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hair Diary *14* - Henna Treatment

I did a simple Henna Treatment to prep my hair for my next style. I kept forgetting to do it! I have been meaning to for a while, along with a protein treatment. So I decided to do the Henna now and then do the protein when I take out my next style.

Here is the video:

For the Henna mix, I kept it very simple. I only used vinegar, a little oil, honey and Suave shea almond conditioner.

In the past, I have used many other things in my mix, my favorite ingredient being plain yogurt. When I add that to my mix my hair always came out super soft and beautiful. I plan on doing my henna treatments every month. I am so happy I found that little indian shop. Now I know where I can find my henna locally! Yay!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *17*

Thinking Out Loud
  • OMG The past few weeks feel like the busiest weeks of my life!! lol
  • I have had so much going on its not even funny.
  • I have been doing the lace wig for a while and falling in love with it all over again.
  • I want to do my mohawk sewin this week, before my birthday next week. :)
  • I have not a single clue why I have been so obsessed with weaves lately. I have a bunch of ideas on style I want to do in the future.
  • Finally got my Marine Collagen from Vitamin Shoppe the other day!! It was way late coming in because of the storm a few weeks ago.
  • I need to record a video on my vitamins. Maybe do one on all the things that I recommend to people the most.
  • I still think its hilarious how everyone here freaked out because of the snow... Its nothing new to me.
  • I love anything that has to do with chocolate and raspberries.. and hazelnuts.. lol
  • Did I mention I love Essie nail polishes! Just painted my nails for my next video and they look great! A bright blue with a purple glitter crackle.
  • So im getting offline so I can record my next few videos to post. :)

Mixing Henna and a Freehand Henna Tattoo

To do a Henna Tattoo my mix is very simple. I only add an acid, either vinegar or lemon juice, and honey! Sometimes I add a little tee tree oil to make the stain come in darker.
I like to freehand my henna tattoos. I ended up covering my entire hand with the henna design, however I did not get a chance to take a pic.

To help the stain set in better, I wrapped my hand in tissue and then in saran wrap overnight. My henna tattoo lasted me for a few weeks and looked amazing...

Im still confused why I did not take pictures.. lol

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hair Diary *13* - Back to the Lace!

I took down the last style about 2 weeks ago and since then I have been wearing my lace wig everyday.  I figured it would be a good option since I do not want to wear my hair out or even in a style that I would have to redo often. I have my hair braided underneath the wig into four cornrows.


At night I take the wig off and wear a silk scarf to bed.

Every 3-4 days I have been taking down the braids and deep conditioning. Every 2-3 days I have been applying my sulfur oil to my scalp and massaging in really well.

When my hair was thicker I wouldnt have been able to get away with only 4 braids under a wig. I would have to get really creative with braid patterns to get my hair to lay down as flat as possible.

Hopefully I will be having that problem again, sooner rather than later... lol

I wash the wig itself every few days with a light conditioner. If I feel like it has buildup I do shampoo with either a clarifying or moisturizing shampoo and then deep condition with a light conditioner. I use a silicone/oil that I mixed up on the hair and that gives it a really nice sheen and smoothes the flyaways.

I really love my lace wig. She is definitely a life saver at times when I cant or dont want to wear my own hair but need a quick and presentable style. I want to get another one soon and do some beyonce type curls. Big blonde bouncy Sexy curls!! Maybe will be my purchase next month.

I have been trying to come up with a good hairstyle to wear next and I am thinking I want to do another mohawk! I still have the hair I used for my pink and purple mohawk for New Years 2012 and the hair still looks great!

I'm thinking of adding that, maybe bleaching it out a little more so it can be a little lighter because I kinda really want to go blonde. I have been talking about doing blonde for a few months so I think it is definitely time.

I have to rinse out the pink and purple first. I also want to color it Rhianna red, so I think that it will be a constantly changing hairstyle when I do it. I will probably put it in next week for my birthday!! Yay!

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