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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Diary *12* - Braided Updo

Before I did this style I washed my hair with As I Am Coconut Cowash and deep conditioned overnight with my Lekairs. I then went ahead and did a clear rinse which I left on for a few hours without heat. I rinsed and added some conditioner as my leave in.

At this point, I started braiding! See the video below...

To be honest I do like it a lot, but this is not exactly my favorite hairstyle. I do love the way it looks from the sides and from the back. I will keep this in for a week or 2, take it down and do something else. 

To take care of this, I am keeping it simple and wrapping every night with my satin scarf and applying my sulfur oil to my scalp every night.
Thats it!

I didnt get to great of a shot of the other side but you can see it pretty clearly in the video. I might be redoing the mohawk part again soon and I will post pics and stuff when I do.

You can see the different color in the back. I added some of the leftover hair from my last style for the color contrast. That is color #6, the rest of the hair which is closer to my natural color is a number #4.

The extension hair can be a little itchy but its not too bad. It would have been good to soak the hair in vinegar water before using. But I didnt have time this time. :)

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