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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Care Restock Haul

I had been out of my Lekairs Cholesterol Plus conditioner for a few months now. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere!!
I went on a run to stock up on some hair care products and luckily I was able to find my Lekairs at Walmart!! I grabbed the last 2 that they had in stock! Awesome!

I also picked up some Suave Humectant which has also been a staple for quite some time.

Then I went to a BSS and I got 2 rinses, one in clear and one in a honey color called Ginger. I want to see how the honey color will work on my hair. So that will be a project for later. I am going to assume that I will give me a very faint highlight, but we will see.

I also got some kanekalon braiding hair which I needed to do my next hairstyle and a new satin scarf, which I absolutely love!

And finally I found an indian store close by that carried HENNA!!! I got 2 boxes of Jamila Henna, and I am so happy I found it, and  I didnt have to buy online! They had Jamila, Reshma, and a few other good brands. I will be doing a henna treatment soon as well as some henna tattoos!!

I cant wait!


I did also get a new box of Knee Highs to use as ponytail holders. I have been using these for years and I found after the very first use that these are actually the only holders that are actually healthy for my hair. They are gentle and do not break the hair off at all.

They are even better than goody ouch less! Your hair will thank you! :D

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