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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Extension Takedown - How I avoid Damage, Matting, and Tangles

After wearing extensions for an extended period of time you will have buildup and shed hair that will need to be removed. If you do not do this properly you are likely to experience excessive matting and even damage to your hair.

It is best to remove the shedding before you wash your hair. It is wise to have a spray bottle on hand with a little conditioner to help aid in detangling. 

You can use a comb, a denman brush, or whatever you have on hand. The comb I used can be found at Sallys, and I found it extremely helpful in removing the buildup at the base as well. It is my favorite comb to use for this.

As I detangled I cut significant amounts of hair off of each section. At this time my hair is extremely uneven but its ok. I do not want to cut it all off because I wash to be able to still put my hair into a ponytail at least.

I am currently wearing a sock bun and am contemplating my next hairstyle.

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