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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *16*

Thinking Out Loud
  • This past week I have been very busy and have not been online at all!
  • My hard drive on my MBP is almost 4 years old!! So it is finally time to replace.
  • The new hard drive should arrive on Friday and I will probably do a tutorial on replacing it on youtube.
  • Because I have been so busy, I have neglected my vitamins for a good week now. 
  • And because of this, I can clearly see that my skin is now breaking out with my hormonal cystic acne!!
  • I havent had any real break outs since I started back seriously taking my vits last year!!
  • I forgot how bad my acne can get, so I am making an effort to keep it up from now on. The vitamins really make a serious difference in the appearance of my skin.
  • I took my hair out of the style above yesterday and cowashed my hair and did a coffee rinse.
  • I am spending a lot of my time on designing new jewelry and have a few new things posted on the site.
  • The other things will be posted over the next few weeks and should be awesome!
  • I am trying to come up with a new hairstyle but am a little clueless at the moment..
  • Thinking about doing the lace wig for a while until I come up with a good long term style.
  • In the mean time I am cowashing and deep conditioning to build the moisture back up into my hair.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Diary *12* - Braided Updo

Before I did this style I washed my hair with As I Am Coconut Cowash and deep conditioned overnight with my Lekairs. I then went ahead and did a clear rinse which I left on for a few hours without heat. I rinsed and added some conditioner as my leave in.

At this point, I started braiding! See the video below...

To be honest I do like it a lot, but this is not exactly my favorite hairstyle. I do love the way it looks from the sides and from the back. I will keep this in for a week or 2, take it down and do something else. 

To take care of this, I am keeping it simple and wrapping every night with my satin scarf and applying my sulfur oil to my scalp every night.
Thats it!

I didnt get to great of a shot of the other side but you can see it pretty clearly in the video. I might be redoing the mohawk part again soon and I will post pics and stuff when I do.

You can see the different color in the back. I added some of the leftover hair from my last style for the color contrast. That is color #6, the rest of the hair which is closer to my natural color is a number #4.

The extension hair can be a little itchy but its not too bad. It would have been good to soak the hair in vinegar water before using. But I didnt have time this time. :)

Hair Care Restock Haul

I had been out of my Lekairs Cholesterol Plus conditioner for a few months now. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere!!
I went on a run to stock up on some hair care products and luckily I was able to find my Lekairs at Walmart!! I grabbed the last 2 that they had in stock! Awesome!

I also picked up some Suave Humectant which has also been a staple for quite some time.

Then I went to a BSS and I got 2 rinses, one in clear and one in a honey color called Ginger. I want to see how the honey color will work on my hair. So that will be a project for later. I am going to assume that I will give me a very faint highlight, but we will see.

I also got some kanekalon braiding hair which I needed to do my next hairstyle and a new satin scarf, which I absolutely love!

And finally I found an indian store close by that carried HENNA!!! I got 2 boxes of Jamila Henna, and I am so happy I found it, and  I didnt have to buy online! They had Jamila, Reshma, and a few other good brands. I will be doing a henna treatment soon as well as some henna tattoos!!

I cant wait!


I did also get a new box of Knee Highs to use as ponytail holders. I have been using these for years and I found after the very first use that these are actually the only holders that are actually healthy for my hair. They are gentle and do not break the hair off at all.

They are even better than goody ouch less! Your hair will thank you! :D

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *15*

Ok Ok... So I missed a good 2 weeks of TOLTs... No more of that! Consistency!!

Thinking Out Loud

  • I went to the heath food store to try and find coconut and castor oil locally... They had castor priced at $15 and coconut at $25!!! Absolutely not!!
  • For $25 I can order at least a lb of each online and that INCLUDES s&h!!
  • I really, really need to do my hair today.. ughh.. No motivation to do so what so ever.. lol
  • I am still in pain from my insane caffeinated workout the other day.
  • But I am going to pop half of one again and get to running!!
  • I am still waiting for my Marine Collagen to  come.
  • I hope it helps a lot with increasing my growth rate.
  • I have not a single clue if my hair will reach MBL this year at all.
  • If I keep that little tail It will reach MBL by the end of the year and then all I would have to do is get the rest of it to even out...
  • I don't think I would really want my hair to grow past WL.
  • MBL is goo enough for me especially because of my texture. It is just so much work.
  • For some stupid reason all of a sudden my phone is not charging anymore!!!! WTF!
  • Its been dead since yesterday.. So annoying.. I better start working again soon.
  • I still havent been able to find any henna locally :( Will have to order that online as well.
  • The Walking Dead starts back up in a few days!!!!!!!!!!! AAhhhhhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hair Diary *11* - Wet Bunning

Since I have taken down my braids I have been a little hair lazy. I was planning on doing a nice braided updo but have not been able to find the motivation to do so, yet...

I have been wearing my hair in this donut bun for the past week or so.

When wearing this style I cow ash my hair every 1-2 days. When cowashing I simply rinse my hair and reapply my conditioner and detangle with a shower comb. I then brush my hair up into the position I want my bun to sit and then wrap a ponytail holder around it. I do not rinse out the conditioner. I use it as a leave in and my hair loves it. Then I put on my bun filler and tuck my ends under.

I apply my sulfur oil to my scalp with an applicator bottle and massage in every 2-3 days. I found that I need to oil my scalp regularly or I get dandruff and itchy scalp. This will remain a big part of my hair regimen, as the sulfur really benefits my hair and scalp.

Slowly but surely my hair is filling in little by little. The little hairs around my hairline are blending in much better than it did a few months ago. Wearing buns back then caused more breakage because most of the hair did not fit into the ponytail. But now I can wear them successfully and not experience any breakage.

I like to bun on wet hair but you have to be careful not to put it in too tight. As your hair drys it contracts and after a few hours you might need to loosen the holder so it does not cause too much stress on your edges.

I also vary the placement of the bun every time I put it in. You can go higher, lower, or towards the side to prevent breakage from wearing the ponytail holder in the same place all the time.

I remove the bun at night and wrap my hair up in a scarf to keep it protected. If I feel like I cant wear a loose ponytail I braid to the ends and remove all holders, rinse and repeat in the morning.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Current State of Affairs - 2 Months and 2 Chops later...

This video I am essentially doing for myself to document the current state of my hair. Over the past 8 months my hair has been falling out, via shedding and breakage, due to damage from a BKT. These are the long term effects on my hair from using a BKT.

My hair essentially reacted to the BKT as if it were a really bad and overprocessed relaxer, and has been coming out in clumps, ever since.

My goals for this year are not even hair or long hair. My goal is to encourage the baby hair that is growing in to continue to do so and as they do trim away the thinned ends to thicken the hair up over time.

I cut inches off of every single section after I removed the braids, but I can still see some growth in a few sections.

This is going to be a long journey and it will probably take me another 2 years to get my hair to the state I want it to be.

I am currently around BSB in the longest sections. The middle back section was chopped down because the BKT breakage was the worst in that area.

I think, I am going to make "The Current State of Affairs" a blog series. Wet shots taken every few months to assess damage and progress!
  • Pictures of the wet hair the first week of every month.
  • Video recorded every 2-4 months.
  • Comparisons in each video.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Caffeine is Intense!!

Yesterday I went vitamin shopping at Vitamin Shoppe, they didn't have everything I was looking for. I ended up leaving with a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice, which I didn't plan on buying, a B-complex, and a bottle of Caffeine pills. I put in a special order for Marine Collagen and should have that by the end of the week.

I grabbed the Caffeine pill because I wanted to try using it in my hair topically instead of using coffee. I noticed that it is used for weight loss, and found that to be interesting. When I got home, I took my vits for the day, which were the B-complex, Biotin, a Prenatal(multi), and EPO.

That caffeine was just sitting there calling me so I decided to give it a try. I added one to the mix and swallowed them all down on an empty stomach with lots of water. Next thing I knew... I had this amazing burst of energy. I had already planned to do a workout since I took the pill, I didn't want the energy to go to waste.

After a half hour, I jumped on the treadmill! I have asthma so even though I love running I cant really do it for long periods of time or without the majority of it being walking.

I ran an entire 2 miles in 34minutes!! That is again a stretch for me because I usually go 20 minutes before I start wheezing. But I did not want to stop running!!

So I decided to go ahead and do some yoga. I did some pilates moves to work on my stomach muscles a bit until I felt the burn really well. About 40 reps of each. That in itself was intense!
Then I did an entire hour and a half of forward bends and triangle poses.

Whats funny about that is I was watching one of my favorite yoga channels on youtube and following her poses and I realized that I am actually a lot more flexible than the instructor!!

I have come a Long way with my yoga. I started doing it in 2004 and at the time did it every single day! I fell in love with it completely. Now I am not very consistent but I do stretch and do some poses here and there.

But anyways, after how many hours of working out I felt great and I still didnt want to stop. I ended up staying awake until 5am. Mind you, I took the pill around 6pm... I never crashed and I woke up bright and chipper at 9am with no drowsiness.

I have to say I am quite impressed.

Ok, so back to the caffeine.

After reading up on the use of caffeine in weight loss, I have found that it works by encouraging the body to release free fatty acids from being stored in the body. The muscles then burn the fat for energy, therefore boosting metabolism!

This sounds like it is the perfect way for me to lose weight during a work out! Especially since my main goal is to stay lean and trim.

If you are a diabetic or have high blood pressure you should be careful with caffeine. Consult your doctor in those cases.

As with anything, use this in moderation.

Even though I did not get extremely jittery like I usually do when I drink way too much coffee, I think I will be cutting the pills in half before taking them. I loved the effects, but they just never seemed to wear off... which can be a great thing!! But just not during a time when you should be sleeping lol.

I think this will continue to be a consistent part of my regimen.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Extension Takedown - How I avoid Damage, Matting, and Tangles

After wearing extensions for an extended period of time you will have buildup and shed hair that will need to be removed. If you do not do this properly you are likely to experience excessive matting and even damage to your hair.

It is best to remove the shedding before you wash your hair. It is wise to have a spray bottle on hand with a little conditioner to help aid in detangling. 

You can use a comb, a denman brush, or whatever you have on hand. The comb I used can be found at Sallys, and I found it extremely helpful in removing the buildup at the base as well. It is my favorite comb to use for this.

As I detangled I cut significant amounts of hair off of each section. At this time my hair is extremely uneven but its ok. I do not want to cut it all off because I wash to be able to still put my hair into a ponytail at least.

I am currently wearing a sock bun and am contemplating my next hairstyle.

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