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Monday, January 14, 2013

Hair Diary *10* - Update & Braid Refresh

A month and a half later and I have a ton of new growth. I took out the braids on the side last week because they were way too fuzzy. I detangled my hair, then washed and deep conditioned all of it, for a few hours.

Then I took a week to put my braids back in!
Anyways, I have slacked on my coffee and sulfur oil over the past 2 weeks, but I have began using the sulfur oil again as of yesterday.

Again, its been a little over a month and I think the amount of growth I have is awesome for that amount of time!

At this point, I am not going to take shaving my head off of the table. However, I am going to try and see how well I can keep the hair up and just cut it as it grows. This will be a big challenge for me if I can actually pull it off and still have decent looking hair.

Its so funny that when I see my hair, I immediately go, "ughhh... This is BS! It looks horrible!!". But I recorded a vid in Nov. of me washing my hair just to see what it really looked like and also for comparison later and my hair really does not look that bad!!

I was actually really surprised how good it looked. But the thing is, since I am used to my hair being super thick from root to tip, and that the thinness is due to shedding and breakage, I am just really unhappy with my hair right now.

I hate setbacks and that is what is eating me up the most.

But we all have setbacks and I am rambling, so I am going to just leave it with this.

My biggest challenge with my hair this year will be, getting past this setback, growing the hair back out the way I want it to be, and keeping consistent.

2013 should be a great year for me!! :)

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