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Friday, January 04, 2013

Crochet Project - fingerless gloves & Circle scarf w/ hood

I bought a new coat by Guess which I absolutely love and when I went to get leather gloves that matched I was disappointed that none of them fit.

I learned how to crochet many years ago and was taught by my grandmother who I miss dearly, so I decided to make a pair myself.

So I went to Michaels which is usually way too overpriced and surprisingly they had the perfect yarn on sale! I got a few bundles and got to work!

For the Scarf/hood I started off with 103 chain stitches and slip stitched the ends together to make a round.

I single crocheted the entire first row. I then did doubles continuously until I was satisfied with the size. On 3 rows I ch3 every 6 dc so that there would be an alternating opening, creating an interesting and simple design.

When I was done with the base I gauged where I wanted the actual hood to start and end. I then dc in rows going across till it almost reached the top of my head, decreasing as needed so that it would fit right. I then closed the top by sticking 2 rows of dc kind of half way across so that when finished the hood wouldn't come to a funny looking point.

For the gloves I did the following:

2 rows of 22dc
Next row increase twice making 24dc total
ch2 & continue with 24dc
ch 2 & do 1 row of 18dc leaving a space for the thumb hole. The beginning and end of this row joined w slst
3 more rows of 18dc and finish off w 18 sc around rim & hide ends
1 row of dc in thumb hole and 1 row of sc w ends hidden to finish.
Lastly I added a few rows of dc along the bottom to make a cuff.

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