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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beyonce - Mine Makeup - Holiday Challenge #6

This is my rendition of Beyonce's makeup in the video Mine ft. Drake. I loved this look in the video! I knew I was definitely going to re-create this and I'm glad I did! I recorded another but I'm not sure if I want to post it because the lipstick is a totally different color. But I am not sure that that really makes a huge difference. lol

Products Used

MAC Soft Ochre
MUFE #92
ELF Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Carbon
Loreal Linear Intense Eyeliner
Covergirl Lash Perfection

ELF Giddy Gold Blush

MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Current Night Routine - Holiday Challenge #5

In this video, I quickly talk about what I do to my hair at night currently. This has changed a few times since I have had this style in. But the current routine has given me the most improvement.

Before going to sleep every night I take my vitamins, put a little conditioner in my natural hair and oil my scalp, then massage it in. I then scarf it up and go to sleep.

In the morning, I usually just spray the hair with water apply a little conditioner and brush it out so that the curls look nice through out the day.

In my oil mix I have:
4oz Castor Oil
2oz Olive Oil
1oz Coconut Oil
1oz Sweet Almond Oil

I didn't measure the essential oils but I used enough so that I could smell it really well in the oil. I added twice as much Rosemary Essential Oil as the other 2 oils, which were Peppermint and Tea Tree.

This mix definitely makes my hair and scalp feel much better. My scalp is not itching like crazy anymore and I am not getting anymore dandruff like I was prior to using this.

I am definitely going to continue to use this!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and their families!!! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful, amazing, fabulous, fun, great, awesome Holiday!!!!

Beyonce - Pretty Hurts Makeup - Holiday Challenge #4

So I did another makeup look from another of Bey's new videos, Pretty Hurts.

Its a really deep smokey with a nude lip. I added a peachy twist with the lipstick and the blush.

I didn't wing it out as much as she had it in her video but thats just fine. Going to do a few more of Beyonce's looks. :D

Products Used

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
MAC Carbon
MAC Saddle
MAC Short Shorts
Sephora Black Cream Liner

MAC Short Shorts
La Femme Blush in Golden Sunset

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Flashing Lights

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fun Neutral Makeup - Holiday Challenge #3

In this video I kept it simple. Just a nice neutral eye with a pop of Brash on the lower inner lash line. One of my favorite go to looks. I was up pretty early recording this the other day so I had the big cheesy smile. LoL

Products Used

MAC Soft Ochre
Elf Weutral Warm Palette
MAC Brash
MAC Saddle
MAC Rule
Sephora Cream Liner
Cover girl Lash Perfection

LA Femme Cinnabar Blush

Sephora Lip Gloss

Great!! Now I have all the blog posts for each video I have posted so far! I have more stuff that should be posted soon so stay tuned!! :)

Beyonce - Blow Makeup - Holiday Challenge #2

This particular day I sat and watched Beyonce's video for Blow on repeat. I was super super tired, hence the red eyes but I really wanted to get this video out. Im so glad I did and I think the makeup turned out awesome!!

I am trying to keep up with my challenge and although I am not completely getting things out in a timely manner like I want to I am still getting them out. If you enjoyed this video please like it and share! Thanks for watching!!!

Products Used

MAC Soft Ochre
MAC Electra
ELF 100 Palette & Cool Eyes Palette
Elf Lashes

ELF Giddy Gold Blush

ELF Merry Cherry

Desperation - Holiday Challenge #1

This is the first video that I posted in this challenge. I love makeup so I think that most of the videos I do in this challenge will be about makeup.

Products Used

Urban Decay Desperation
MAC Elecktra
MAC Short Short
MAC Carbon
La Femme Blush Sienna
Linear Intense eyeliner
Scandal Eyes Mascara

Sonia Kashuk - Bronzing Blush duo

MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Challenging Myself!!

I have completed my personal 2 year Protective Style Challenge!! I can't believe it has been 2 years!! I have to say that this does excite me quite a bit.

I have completed quite a few challenges when it comes to my hair. In addition to the protective style challeng,e I have also completed my No Heat challenge for 2013, and an almost consistent Vitamin Challenge.

My length goals I am not going to claim just yet simply because I will be cutting my hair once I finally take down my current style. When I do so, I plan to do a 2 step hardcore protein treatment and wear my own hair for a week or 2, then weave it back up.

I am also challenging myself to record edit and upload a new video every other day for the next 2 weeks! I plan on doing holiday themed makeup and other videos.

I am doing this because I have not been as consistent with my channel and my blog and I keep coming and going. By challenging myself to put out a video so often I hope it will induce the want to continue to do so and this will all become a habit. I want to continue to grow my channel significantly. I also plan on removing my older videos and remaking them in much better quality.

So far I'm doing well. The first couple came out a little late but I am staying on track as far as the videos. The blog not so much lol
This post should have been up a few days ago, but I'm going to back date it so it can run consecutively with the other posts I need to put up.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hair Diary *30* - 2 months worth of updates & 6 month QHP update

So I havent updated my hair in quite a while so I am going to go ahead and do it all in one post for the past month or so. I tried to post this last week, but was having trouble exporting my video for upload. I was finally able to get it done last night!!

For Halloween I colored the ends of my hair red. It looked awesome and everyone loved it. Now I am the girl who washes her hair every single day in the morning. Whether it is my natural hair or a weave, I have to put some water in it.

The problem with that is the red was:
A) Getting everywhere! All over my bathroom and clothes whenever my hair was still wet
B) Fading really fast. I have been trying to wash my hair with cool water but some days I have to use hot and that makes it fade even faster. At the moment there is just a slight hint of red on the ends. I think the color might have lasted for about 2 weeks before it actually turned pink and faded completely. Maybe even less.

I shampooed my hair a few times because my scalp felt icky. I ran the shampoo through the weave cap and hair as well. I hate when my scalp gets like that underneath.
Its my biggest pet peeve ever.

The problem with shampooing my hair is my braids got super frizzy and its not really good in my opinion to shampoo braids. I prefer washing loose hair. That way I feel like the hair is getting completely clean instead of partially.

A few weeks after redoing my braids in Oct. they were already really loose. I ended up wearing those particular braids for about a month and a half before taking them down the weekend before last.

This time instead of re-braiding my hair down like before, I put them into singles so that I could better get to my scalp and be able to deep condition my hair without getting too much tangling like I would with french braids.

To secure the hair down to mine I sewed a track of thread in an L shape on either side of my part and sewed the edge of my hair down on top of that. At this point I feel like this is one of the better application methods because it feels really secure and is nice and flat. Also, it hasnt slipped at all yet either. I secured the rest of it down with bobby pins and it looks great.

I kind of feel like I might have been breaking my hair off over the last few times I have been taking down and rebraiding my hair. My ends really needed to be trimmed. So this time I was extra careful with how I combed out and detangled my hair.

I didn't get any breakage this time. The Lekair's conditioner also helped as well. It has been a few months since I ran out of my last jar and no other conditioner has been able to make my hair feel the same as the Lekair's. I was really happy to have found it again, I have to say.

My hair has definitely grown a lot since I first put this hair in. I can't believe it has been 6 months already and I can't wait to be able to take it out and wear my hair. I don't think I will be doing that until next summer though.

I really want to give myself a really good haircut soon as well. I need for my ends to be nice and even. I will be doing that sometime next year.

I am going to order some new hair next month for my next style. I am definitely going to go shorter this time and I can't wait. I am not sure who I am going to order my hair from next but I do have 2 companies in mind.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Diary *29*

I took my hair down and redid my braids last week. I am still amazed at the fact that the QHP hair is still behaving the same as it did when I first got it. That is actually pretty amazing to me.

This time I braided my hair down in much smaller braids and instead of sewing the hair down I pinned it down really well. I got rid of the anchor braid which actually makes the hair lay much flatter than it did before.

After a week or so wearing the hair pinned down I got sick of it. The pins actually pulled at the part a lot, which ended up being really painful. So I opted to sew it down like I was doing before and it is much better.

I made a simple scalp oil that I have been applying every 1-2 days to my scalp. It contains nothing but coconut oil and msm powder. So far so good. It definitely helps with the dry scalp.

I still have my sulfur powder and oil from before, but I really cant use it on my scalp with this hair in. I tried it before and it really bothered me with the smell. It was like it got stronger as time went by. No one wants to have funky hair. So I stopped using it. The smell actually still lingers even though I have washed my hair several times since the last time I used it.

So yea when I took my hair out I did a quick length check and I am back to APL or at least grazing it. I will probably be doing a good trim when I take my hair down as well as a protein treatment.

I was playing with my hair while it was out and I noticed it is still pretty uneven. So that is something else I am going to have to work on as my hair grows out. I am just going to be doing random small trims every now and then until it all gets to the way I want it to be.

I actually think I am at a good length to go back into the baggy ponytails without any breakage. Its weird that the baggy ponytail worked so well for me in the past but when I tried it again it was kind of a disaster. I think the hair needs to all be past a certain length for it to really be successful.

That will be a project I will be experimenting with in the future.

Right now I am just going to continue to baby my hair and keep it in protective styles until I make it to my goals. I really want to get it all back to its original thickness. I dont know if that would even be possible but it would be amazing if it was.

I have no clue when I will be changing up my hair. Maybe sometime after the holidays. This is the longest I have ever worn a single hairstyle in my entire life. Funny thing about it is I am not getting tired of it!! 5 months going strong and will probably make it to 6 or 7.

Yay for awesome quality hair!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *30*

In my Life
So I am kind of dating again. Its been a while. Meh..

Ive met a lot of guys in my life who have been interested in me and the past few years my standards have risen greatly. Every single time I have ever settled for a man I have always been disappointed, so if he doesnt meet them, there is no reason for me to waste my time. Hence, the reason I am still single.

Obviously no one man is going to meet all of your standards. But at the same time I feel like if I am at a certain level he needs to meet or surpass that level.

This particular guy meets some of my standards, however a few of the most important ones he does not even come close. Problem is that I actually do kinda like him personality wise. He is not the kind of guy I typically go for, but he is a cutie and I love his hair.

He has good values and the things he says he wants coincide with the things that I want as well. But the things that he is lacking are making me have second thoughts. The attraction is there and that is the most important thing imo or else it will never go anywhere.

At this point I feel like it is time for me to just have a little fun and not worry so much about my rules. I dont expect for anything serious to come out of this at this point. Right now I am just going to ride the wave and see where it takes me.

In the News

I am absolutely sick of the news right now. Between all the children coming to school and killing their teachers and the government shutdown to the healthcare website. Seriously??? How the hell do the fuck up a website that bad?? They need to stop pointing the blame and get the shit together!

And the kids....

I cant even deal with the fact that kids are able to get their hands on a gun let alone bring it to school and kill their teachers. Its not safe out here anymore for anyone and what exactly are we going to do about it. What exactly can we do about it?

How do we change things so that our children know and learn that it is not ok to take anothers life, let alone their own. What are the parents doing wrong? What is the school doing wrong?

What has this world come to??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *29*

Since Dexter and Breaking Bad are officially over I have started watching Dexter again from the very beginning. Good thing Showtime is smart enough to know that people want to see it all and have all the episodes On Demand.

I just finished the first season and it is so different than the Dexter I am used to. I completely missed out on this. The end if the first season was insane. I cant believe that Rudy was his biological brother, who was a serial killer and Dexter had to kill him!!!

Its weird I really wanted him to get away. I didn't want Dexter to be the one to kill him. Even though he deserved it...

Aside from Dexter I am so happy to have Homeland back as well as Scandal and soon The Walking Dead. Those are my fave shows at the moment.

I have been keeping up with all those shows as much as I can. The other shows I have been into I have been catching On Demand when I have time.

In other news, I keep kinda forgetting to take my vits and breaking out because of it. I have bumps all along my chin and by my ears. So annoying... I really need to work on getting rid of my acne again. ughh

My hair is still holding up pretty well. No change there. I do really need to do a take down and redo sometime soon. Maybe over the weekend I will have time.

I had a few things planned video wise for this month. But sadly my schedule is really horrible. I hate not having time for anything, so I'm going to just keep complaining about it.

I had a really bad panic attack the other day. It pretty much came out of nowhere, which is weird because I haven't had one in years.

Been pretty stressed out as of late. I need to take a few days to just relax and unwind. But unfortunately that's not going to happen any time soon. Meh... oh well

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hair Diary *28* - Getting rid of split ends

So I finally found the time to cut out the split ends on my hair! I cut a couple inches off all over.
It was definitely much needed. The entire time I wore my hair straight I was experiencing so much breakage and all of the split ends were clearly visible... Smh

I wore it straight-ish for a good 2 weeks and only wore it this long because I didn't want to wash it without cutting first.

I shampooed with a purple toning shampoo to take away the brassiness and conditioned with suave humectant.

After washing my hair curled right back up and it looks so much better. Albeit a little shorter. Which I am going to have to get used to. It shrinks up a lot more than it did before and it curls much better without the split ends.

Here are a few shots of it the next day. Semi dry.

I will continue to wear this hair for a little while longer before I get any new hair. Still obsessed with the color and the curl. Its totally me.

I think maybe next month or the month after I will finally change the hair.

I want to do a takedown soon so I can play with my hair for a day or so, then put it back up.

I cant believe I am almost completed with my second year of protective styles!!! This is insane!

I have no clue if I have actually made it to my goal for the year, so I will be doing a length check and comparison video when I am done with this protective style.

My first goal was to make it to APL this month. I think I am very close if not there already. It really doesn't even matter, but as long as I make it to my goal of BSL by my birthday next year I will be happy.

I havent been as consistent with my vitamins as I would like to be but that is fine. I am trying to keep up, given my busy schedule.

So far so good. Hope all is well with everyone else's hair journey. :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hair Diary *27* - Migrating to finger detangling

The last time I took down my braids underneath my weave I brushed my hair out with my denman brush. I noticed that although it wasn't a lot, I was getting breakage at the ends of my hair. 

No Bueno.

Because of this I decided to start finger detangling exclusively starting the next time I did a takedown.
I have never really had problems with detangling with the denamn in the past, so this is a little strange for me. However I feel like it is doing a little more damage then before.

So now I am going to take a decent break from the denman brush. At least until I get my hair to a certain length and all around  thickness. I feel like I may need a big trim again soon. 

I took some of my braids down last night and finger detangled my hair, dry, strand by strand. After doing so I really noticed how uneven my hair was and how I still have lots of new hairs growing in. I noticed that I definitely have breakage on the ends.

The good thing about the finger detangling is that even though I did it dry I did not experience hardly any breakage! The shedding was minimal compared to what I experienced earlier this year and last year. I think my shedding era has ended finally.

So now, it is really time for me to focus on protecting my hair and taking care of it so that I can again reach my goals. I said earlier in the year that it was gonna take me another 2 years to reach my goals. That is for the most part still true. At the same time its pretty frustrating that I have not been able to keep my hair at my goal for longer than a year or so.

I hate having to constantly start over.

But it's something I have had to do. Oh well.

I am looking forward to growing my hair back out finally and really making it to my goals!

I am just going to cross my fingers that I don't have this experience with hair loss again. I've had enough!!

When I take my hair down I will continue to finger detangle exclusively. I also really need to do a henna treatment sometime soon as well as a clear rinse and protein treatment. Next month, next month...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *28*

Breaking Bad and Dexter had me literally screaming at the tv last Sunday. Its actually pretty funny how worked up I get about it sometimes. I can't believe they are both coming to an end! I do still have to go back and watch Dexter from the first season. I didn't start watching until the last season. Gotta catch up...

I am very impatiently waiting for Scandal, Homeland, and The Walking Dead to start back up this fall. My favorite shows at the moment.

I'm actually rewatching Homeland from the first season. It really is a great show. I'm  reliving it all from the beginning and I love it. :D

I have also been reading a lot lately. I downloaded quite a few ebooks on many different subjects. The problem I have is that it is a little difficult focusing on reading one book at a time. I have been bouncing back and forth between books nonstop.

The problem with doing that is I am not really absorbing things the way I should be. That's not really a good thing. The other day I freaked out because I thought someone stole my tablet. Omg I was so relieved that it wasn't and I just overreacted. I have so much on my tablet, idk what I would even do if it really came up missing. I have location on it but I also installed Lookout just for an added peace of mind.


I still have not been able to find the time to workout like I want to. I do have a little time that I can set aside for it but I really do not have the motivation that I would like to have. At the same time I have so many other things to do and things on my mind I just don't do it at all.

Its ok. I will get back into it soon enough. No idea when though. LoL

The hair

Its actually holding up pretty well being straight. I don't really mind the wave that much either. One problem I do have with wearing the hair straight is that I am getting tons of breakage on the ends.
I am going to have to do a trim soon as well as a protein treatment when I finally wash the hair. Can't believe that I really haven't had the time to cut the hair yet either. Its pretty shameful.

I hate not having much down time. I'm on 6 days a week and the one day I have off I usually have stuff going on, so I basically never have a day off. Ughh..

A thought occurred to me out of the blue just now. I wonder how well a thinking out loud Thursday in video form would go... Hmm...

Funny the crap that comes into my head at times can be very interesting but a lot of it never makes it to the actually blog post.. LoL I am thinking in video form I would just randomly record things throughout the week and post it in one video. Meh...

Could be something I could incorporate in the future.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hair Diary *26* - Straightening Beyonce Hair

I finally took some time out and straightened my hair!! I love it!!

I made sure that my hair was pretty much clean and free of any product. It looks really wild in the beginning I know... lol That's what I get for sleeping on it constantly without wrapping it with my scarf.

I tried to get it as straight as I could. the curl on this hair just did not want to go away!!

The next day I still have quite a few waves in it and it was pretty humid today so that made it worse.

But it still looks great and is still really flowy and pretty!

Yes, I did add my own little Beyonce skit at the end. I just had to... LoL

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - *27*

Work, work, work!!

That's all that I have been doing as of late. I am making a lot of changes in my life currently. I hope for the better, but we will see. I ordered a backdrop and some things to improve on my videos a little, even though I have not been recording as often as I would like at the moment.

I havent purchased the DSLR camera just yet. But I am looking to do so maybe next week when I have time to go to the camera store.


I have slacked massively on my Insanity. Whats bad is that I look awesome! But I am not quite where I want to be. I think I stopped because subconsciously I didn't want to get any skinnier. But I do want to be toned up in the middle, so I really need to start back up and go hard like I was doing before.

The Hair

I am still wearing the blond hair and surprisingly it is holding up just as well as it did when I first got it!! I cant believe it!

I took my hair out and washed it really well a few times since the last video. The last time I took it out I detangled really well with my Denman knock off. I actually felt like I was getting way too much breakage from doing so.

Because of this I did decide not to use the brush next time I take my hair down. I want to try to finger detangle as thoroughly as possible to get rid of all my shed hairs. Also, I really need to do a hard core protein treatment soon as well as a clear rinse. I might just use one of the colored ones I have laying around.

I slacked on my vitamins as well over the past few weeks and now I am back on! After not taking them for a few weeks I started breaking out again. I am almost cleared up again. I really need to learn to stick with it because I tend to go through this cycle quite often.

Damn these hormones!!

Meh.. I need to take some new pics. Sometime soon, when I can find some free time.

I recorded a video review of a product that I actually really love. It makes the curls look amazing but I didnt really like how my hair looked the second day so I am not sure if I want to post it just yet. I might end up rerecording the video...

Meh we will see...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *26*

I just started to catch up on breaking bad and OMG.

First off I cant even deal with Jessie's stupid ass. He is just ruining it all!! If it had of been me I would have taken the money and gone as far away as I possibly could. And it I was Walt I would have cut Jessie out long, long ago. The boy has done so much dumb shit throughout the entire show, I cant stand it!

Hank is a horrible human being. I couldn't stand him from the start. Took him long enough to figure it all out. I cant wait to see how this all plays out... LoL

 The Hair
I really need to take down and re sew my hair soon. My front is loosening up quite a bit and its starting not to look as great as it did a few weeks ago. I love that even though its loosening up, it actually is still pretty wearable.

I have been looking at new hair and have pretty much decided on what I want to buy for my next style. I am not going to be purchasing until maybe end of Sept or Oct because I am still planning on wearing the Blonde till then.

I actually just might wear my hair out for a little while between styles. I haven't done that in quite some time, so it should be good.

Tech Kick!!

I have been on a huge tech kick as of lately. I recently bought the HTC One which I LOVE! I also bought the Nexus 7 literally the day before they announced the second edition. By the way I loves my Nexus 7 as well!!

I actually want to get the newer Nexus as well just so I can have both. Give the old one to the babies because they play with it all the time as it is.

I am looking at a few DSLR cameras that I want to buy soon as well. The one I decided on after all my research was the Sony A58. It basically has all the features that I am looking for. It has a large enough sensor, 20mp, and a great selection of lenses. I fell in love with Sony cameras after buying the camera I use to record my videos, and I definitely think its time to upgrade.

My websites

I am in the process of beginning to revamp my websites! I am contemplating on taking BeautyandtheBabies  off of blogger and self hosting. I think that will make it a little more user friendly. So I will be designing a new layout for my site and it will be up sooner rather than later I hope. My only grip is that Blogger is not available to those who want to self host. I would rather not use WordPress. I have tried in the past, and I like Blogger much better.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hair Diary *25* - Part Close up & more Rambles

I changed up my part and the way I sewed down the hair. It felt so good to finally be able to really clean my hair underneath the weave. I didnt realize how bad it gets under there. I guess I am just too used to washing my hair every 2 days.

I show a close up of part in this video as requested. I did it this way for several reasons. 

The first reason was that I could not find a closure in the same texture hair that I actually liked. 

Second reason was that I refuse to wear my natural hair out when wearing a weave.

Third reason was I got a little lazy, and I dont particularly mind having a weave that does not look completely natural. Only when people are close up to it, do they even notice the part. Aint nobody checking my head like that... lol (and if they are they need to back off... )

My next weave I am planning on doing another Beyonce inspired style and I will be using a closure. I am planning on trying another vendor who seems to have good reviews and quality. From the pics the hair looks awesome. Im going to see if they can do a custom piece for me.

But that wont be for another couple of months. Will be keeping this in for a while longer. :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hair Diary *24* - Workouts & Braid Patterns

I had my hair sewed down all the way around last time because It was a little less maintenance. However, since I have been working out a lot doing my Insanity this was not really a good idea. Over time since I really couldnt get to my scalp good enough to wash it my hair underneath got really icky.

I took it down and washed it with Suave Humectant shampoo both my hair and the weave. I have to say it was quite disgusting. I absolutely hate having dirty hair and washing it was much much needed.

After washing I did deep condition and rebraid the hair as you can see above.

The anchor braids go all the way around the perimeter of my head and the rest basically go straight back.

My hair is pretty short right now so my braids even though they are chunky they are not very lumpy. If your hair is thicker or longer make your braids smaller to compensate.

I have come to realize that I am horrible at taking pictures right away! Which is very strange since I claim to be a "Blogger"... LoL

I also have not been very good about keeping up with my blog posts. I feel like I have had very little time but I am trying to fit everything in so I can keep my channel alive.

I want to thank everyone who watches and reads for your continued support!! I love you all!!!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *25* - Rambles...

Absolutely horrible about keeping up with everything from the blog to my Youtube channel. I will be typing up a full blog post for the Beyonce Hair series since I havent done so just yet.

The Hair
I have had the blonde in for quite some time and I absolutely love it!

I am actually thinking on keeping my hair this color indefinitely. I want to get a good closure and redo the wig itself. If I do actually find a good closure I will.

I saw some really nice body wave type hair from a different vendor that I actually do want to try out in the near future. Near future will probably be like 3 months from now. lol

I wonder if this hair that I have in now will hold up for that long. I mean it has done beautifully so far and it is coming up on 2 months for this hair. I really want to just keep this style in indefinitely! Knowing me I will be changing it up in a few months though.

But right now its good because its easy and for the most part quick. I dont really have to worry about how my hair looks as long as I have a little water around. When I get frizz I just smooth them right down with water. No product necessary.

I have had one bad hair day, and that was only because I was running late and literally had to roll out of the bed. No water, conditioner, or brush in sight. I ended up braiding the hair up that day.

My longest layer this time is 20". Next time I do want to go longer, maybe 24". 3 Bundles were just fine for me but I might do 4 next time or 3 and a closure.

Plus next time I think I will do dark hair in the beginning and then gradually change up the style by lightening the hair each month or so until I get back to the same-ish color that I have in now. 

Did I say I love this color on myself.....


Beyonce Hair to the Fullest!!!

In Life
I feel like I havnet had a day off in months. Always on the go. Never have time anymore to do the things that I would like to do. But its fine because we all have to work towards our goals to get where we want to be later in life. 

I have taken a long break from watching the news since the zimmerman verdict... Which was absolute bullshit. Add to the fact that they are staging accidents so he can look better in the public eye. Piece of shit.

I have been semi keeping up with my Insanity. Been doing it every 3 days or so. I am almost done with the first 30 days after 2 months.LOL 

Hey at least I'm making progress... I have 4 workouts left, then on to the next month!! WooHoo

After I am done with those, I am going to skip the recovery week. No need for me to do those in my opinion. So, I will be going straight into the Max interval series of workouts! I am dreading it!! OMG

Friday, July 26, 2013

Insanity Does the Body Good | I lost inches!!

Insanity is probably the most intense workout I have tried at home. Its just as bad as going to a boot camp class at the gym. I do see a huge difference in my body since I started out. My measurements in the very beginning were as follows:

Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 147
Waist - 33
Chest - 36
Hips -38
Thigh - 23
Upper Arm - 12
Belly Pouch - 36

At the present time, this is what I am working with:

Height - 5'7"
Weight - 148.2
Waist - 30.5"
Chest - 36"
Hips - 39"
Thighs - 22"
Upper Arm - 12"
Belly Pouch - 34"

So overall I am seeing great results! I have clearly lost inches everywhere I wanted to so far. 

My chest will most likely not go down at all or at least not by very much. 

My arms will probably go down by maybe an inch when all is said and done.

My waist and belly pouch as well as the upper thighs are where I really want to get rid of the weight. Luckily those areas have dropped significantly since I started. I would really like for the pouch to drop down a good 5". That would be amazing...

But lets be realistic...

My ass however has seemed to increase in size significantly!!

So far I have seemed to gain 1.2lbs and it all seems to be going straight to my ass!!

Fucking awesome!!

Loving this workout!! I have not been really good about doing my runs like before, unfortunately. Its very sad that I only have 11miles on my nike running app so far. :(

I want to start incorporating a mile after each workout. Sometimes I feel up to it. Sometimes I dont. 

I still have not been able to do a full master cleanse like I really want to. Ughh... I need to find the time when I can get that together and actually do it. Problem I have is that food is way too readily available... Its annoying..

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Insanity Challenge | Fit Test 2

I did my second Fit Test Monday night along with Cardio Curcuit.

Yes, I actually did both in the same night!!

So my results are as follows. I will post my measurements at a later date.

Fit Test 1
Switch Kicks - 50
Power Jacks - 30
Power Knees - 60
Power Jumps - 36
Globe Jumps - 28
Suicide Jumps - 11
Push-Up Jacks - 15
Low Plank Oblique - 54

Fit Test 2
Switch Kicks - 52
Power Jacks - 40
Power Knees -53
Power Jumps -30
Globe Jumps - 40
Suicide Jumps - 15
Push-Up Jacks -20
Low Plank Oblique -60

I did a little better in most of them, but in some I did fall a little short.

I am going to make an excuse and say that I did do the Fit Test AFTER I did the Cardio Curcuit and also that my ankle was bothering me.

No clue why my ankle hurt that day but whatever.

I didnt have time to measure, but last week when I did I lost inches in all my problem areas and gained an inch in my ASS!!

I have not a single problem with that because its all muscle!

I actually gained a pound surprisingly last time I checked. But its ok because its all in my ass....

I gained a pound of Ass......

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Insanity Challenge - Days 9-30 I lost track...

So I have been doing Insanity for 4 weeks now!!

Yes, I did and unfortunately I am only 2 damn weeks into the program!!!! I am actually on Day 15.

I took quite a few days off here and there, and as of today I have not done it in an entire week. (Since last Tuesday)

Yes, Slacking, Big Time!! Well technically aside from last week I was doing it every 1-2 days which in my opinion is pretty good, seeing how intense the workout is.

I will say that I have had Laryngitis for the past 5 days, so thats going to be my excuse for last week Dammit!!!

Tonight I am going to do my second Fit Test and record so I can post tomorrow. I also want to run a mile & do the next workout which will be the Polymetric Cardio Circuit video tonight.

Most definitely will be posting tomorrow because I have to update my measurements and my Fit Test progress!!

But yea, I have measured myself and have been taking pictures to keep up with everything. I will be posting pictures and everything else when you can actually see a big difference.

My goal is not so much to loose weight but I do want to really tone up all over. My 3 problem areas are my midsection, my upper arms and also my inner thighs. Those are the only problem areas that I need to work on and I have actually seen a big improvement in it already!

I am actually excited to see how I do on the Fit Test tonight. I wonder how much progress I have actually made since the first.

My NAACP Petition Submission


I signed the NAACP Petition for Treyvon Martin. This is what I wrote in my personal note...

I am completely disappointed with the outcome of the trial. I was assuming the jury would at least go for manslaughter simply because Zimmerman caused the death of Treyvon simply by following him for no reason.

The fact that Zimmerman was considered not guilty in the same state as Casey Anthony is really disturbing to me. After the Anthony trial I said that I thought people would be more inclined to commit murder and other acts of crime simply because she was set free.

Two years later and Zimmerman is set free for.

I have 2 sons and I really do not want to have to worry about someone getting away with the murder of my child or anyone else's child, claiming false self defense.

Teenagers do not try to kill people when getting into fights. Treyvon was clearly afraid because he was being followed at night by a strange man, and unbeknownst to him, yielding a gun. I have to say if it was me I would have confronted him and it probably would have ended up in a fight of some sort as well.

I am not a violent person and I do not have a record, but I believe that whatever Treyvon did that night he believed was in his own self defense.

Zimmerman had absolutely NO RIGHT to follow an unarmed, innocent, child, and I feel that because of the verdict of this trial what I said after the Anthoney trial will be evermore true.

Please help the people of america find justice.


I'm going to add that I hate the fact that so many people are getting away with such crimes, but at the same time innocent people are being sent to jail.

A woman sent to jail for 20 years for firing warning shots against an abusive husband is not ok. But then again she was black, so I guess so...

It appears that, at least in Florida, you can get away with killing children, including young black males and babies you gave birth to but didnt want, as long as you are white or close to it.

Its not fair. Its not just. Its absolutely absurd.

I feel for the Martin family. I feel for little Caylee. I feel for all of those who have been victims of racism and oppression. I feel for those who have been victims of abuse of any kind.

I myself have been a victim of some of the above.

The people of America need to grow up and learn that diversity is beautiful. Everyone is different and its not going to change.

People of all ethnic backgrounds rallied against the verdict. People of all races and origins are fighting for justice!

Right now I feel like so many have not gotten past the 60s. I try very hard to believe that racism is for the most part a thing of the past and teach my children not to look at people and judge them by their color.

I have friends from all over the world and I LOVE it!!

How can the world today be so blind and ignorant.

I had to re-evaluate myself a little while ago, because I had met a few bad apples from the Middle East. I had heard too many negative stories.

But then I met a real devout Muslim who was respectful, funny, kind, and nothing like the things that I had heard and seen in the past. I realized that I myself had formed a stereotype of my own. Something I cant stand from others!

People are mostly good. Everyone has their flaws but thats what makes us as people so complex and interesting. People need to learn to open their minds and accept others for who they are, flaws and all, because no one can change who they are, or what they look like.

Until we can do that as a whole there will be no progress.

It always takes something really drastic and painful for people to change.

Lets hope something happens that will bring justice to the situation.

Lets hope that people learn to change and to leave their pre-civil war ideologies where they belongs.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

QHP Initial Reaction Video

In this video I open my package and see my new hair for the first time! This is my initial reaction. :) Enjoy!

OMG!! This video took forever to upload!! I left it overnight and in the morning it was still less than halfway done!! Whats going on youtube!?? And yes I am quite late posting this on the blog.

Thinking Out Loud *24* - Insane 1st week

In Life
Its so weird to see where life takes you. The people you meet, experiences, places. I like to sit back every now and then and just reflect on it all. Sometimes meeting someone from a completely different walk of life can give you a new sense of self.

Its reassuring to know your own self worth.

I havent been watching the news like I would like to, because I have been so busy. Ughh. So I feel like I am missing out on what is going on in the world. I refuse to watch local news though, because its so depressing. I'd rather see depressing shit happening thousands of miles away...

I am currently, completely obsessed with Insanity! I have been trying to do it every day and so far have been pretty good about doing so. It has been 2 weeks and I am only 4 days behind schedule. No big deal. Some of those days I was physically incapable of doing anything, I was in so much pain.

I have been taking pics and Zoe's on my HTC One to keep track of everything. I feel like I am lighter and I do look a little "tighter" especially in my legs. My core is really strong, which is weird because I never felt like it really was. My abs can take a serious beating and I never feel a thing. I love it!

My legs on the other hand... I'm always cursing Shaun T out while doing his workout!! Hes always like "Push! Push! Faster! Work!!" and Im always like "Hell no! Fuck that!! This is bullshit!!" But I do try to work through the pain as much as I can. All the jumping is really painful on my calves, so I try to focus the work on my thighs or core... It doesnt always work though. lol

I never realized how weak my ankles were. Its really weird. I guess thats why my legs hurt more than anything else those first few days.

Doing this workout gets easier and easier the more you do it. Like right now, I feel great! I am not sore or anything, whereas last week when I first started I could barely walk!

I am actually looking forward to working out again tonight!

The Hair
I am totally in absolute love with my hair!! It looks so awesome! The hair is actually holding up really well, and I am super surprised and excited about that!

I have basically been cowashing every 1-2 days to make the curls pop and to keep the hair soft and moisturized. So far so good.

The hair does frizz more than I would like. I am thinking I should do a protein treatment and actually do that trim that I said I was going to do. Maybe this weekend.

The shedding is still minimal even with the washing, but since I have been washing so often I am going to go ahead and reseal my wefts this weekend when I redo my hair.

I want to keep this in for at least the next 2-3 months. I want to straighten the hair out soon just to see what it all looks like. I also plan on posting a video demonstration on how I take care of the hair, as well as the products I like to use.

I have a bunch of products that I purchased specifically for this hair. I will definitely show them when I record this weekend. I am also going to re-record the installation because I dont really like how I did it the first time. Plus my braids underneath are really messy and I need to wash my hair. Its really gross underneath from all the Insanity I have been doing... smh.

I'm thinking next time I want to do a 18-20" body wave and I want to get a lace closure as well. I didnt want to do a closure this time, plus I couldnt really find a closure that I even liked, that matched this hairs texture. So yea, next time different hair and I will be using a closure.

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Insanity challenge - Days 3-8

I started insanity last week Sunday. I did 3 days of it straight and struggled with it! I was in so much pain the first entire week!
The 4th day I had to take a break, then I started back on Thursday. I had a lot of stuff going on, on Fri & Sat, so I took those days off as well. But I went extra hard on Sunday!

Last week broken down
Day 1 - Fit Test & Jillian Michaels Shed & Shred
Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Day 3 - Cardio Power and Resistance
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - Cardio Recovery
Day 6&7 - Rest
Day 8 - Pure Cardio

Day 8, which was Sunday, I did Pure Cardio, which itself is super intense. It basically is an hr straight of cardio with no breaks, hence the name. Obviously I had to take a few breaks here and there because I was in so much pain. But after the Insanity I hopped on the treadmill and ran for 1.25 miles, then I did some pilates, yoga, and hip hop abs for another hour.

I was sweating like crazy and my core felt cold to the touch which is what I look for when doing a lot of cardio.

The best part about it is since I have been basically doing these crazy intense workouts so close together, my muscles do not hurt anymore!!!

I felt soooooo good after that workout yesterday, I really feel like I should do a 2 hr workout EveryDay! Yea, that may sound a little intense, but I really want to get toned up. That will make me happy.

So far, I am really in love with Insanity and will probably continue to do it forever and ever and ever... Shaun T is so awesome!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hair Diary *23* - Blonde Bombshell

I have been wanting to go blonde for quite some time now. The only thing that was stopping me was finding a good hair vendor.

These things can be really iffy and finding the right one takes time. I decided to go ahead and buy from QHP. I got the deep curl hair in lengths 16", 18", & 20".

I started off by processing the hair as I usually do. I shampooed and conditioned, sealed the wefts, bleached out the hair to the color I wanted, and deep conditioned.

I sewed the hair onto a wig cap and braided down my hair so I could sew my wig down.

This was kind of an experiment and I ended up playing with it to the point where I sewed it in and took it down like 4 times before I finally decided to leave it. Knowing me I will probably take it out again and redo it at least once more.

I had this great idea but because I basically only had one weft left it didnt really work out as I wanted it to. Plus I got lazy and didnt feel like finishing said great idea... So I will probably be redoing it once my braids get yucky underneath in like a week or 2 so.. yea.

The hair itself is holding up beautifully!!!!

I have been cowashing it almost daily and the curls are beautiful. Total Beyonce hair!! I've been called Foxy Cleopatra quite a few times already.. lol

I really love it so far, very little shedding, very little to almost no tangling. At this point I will be buying from them again.

I will try to have all the videos I recorded, edited and posted by the end of this weekend. Maybe next...

Recorded footage include: initial reaction, sealing wefts, bleaching hair, making manikin head, sewing down wefts, and finally applying the hair.

Many, many hours to edit down to minutes, which is going to take many more hours to complete...


But yes, I will have them all posted soon.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Insanity Challenge !!! - Day 1 & 2

Day 1
So I decided to start an Insanity Challenge. My first day I did the fit test. Its only 20 minutes, but let me tell you, it is crazy!!

I made decent numbers on everything but the pushups, which I will post below.

I felt great afterwards but I was sweating pretty good. I was ready to do a little more and origionally planned on doing the first workout but since I was literally cursing Shaun T out while doing it, I decided to torture myself with Jillian Michaels Shred and Shed.....

Yes, Foolish....

The next day my legs and shoulders hurt like crazy! I definitely needed it, because my arms are pretty much weak... lol In my opinion at least.

So when I got home I did the first workout. Beforehand I drank a protein shake and took some MSM powder.

Can I say that even though I pushed through as much as I could there were many times where I simply fell out on the floor in pain. I did as much as I could and when it was over I was still energized so I continued with more shadow boxing and then stretched a little more.

My muscles were so tight afterwards, I couldnt really keep still. When I did it hurt even more.

I am not completely out of shape since I have taken up jogging, but I am not where I want to be. I want to work on my arms to tone the muscles there and just get rid of the layer of fat I have all over.

My stats as of right now are as follows:

Fit Test 1

Switch Kicks - 50
Power Jacks - 30
Power Knees - 60
Power Jumps - 36
Globe Jumps - 28/4
Suicide Jumps - 11
Push-up Jacks -5
Low Plank Oblique -54

Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 147
Waist - 33
Chest - 36
Hips -38
Thigh - 23
Upper Arm - 12
Belly Pouch - 36
No pictures.... Ill post pics at the end of the first month and the end of the second month.

So far so good, and I am contemplating taking a day off, but I want to really push myself to do it every day. The more you move the better the results and I want some serious results! Running slims you down but Im not toning up from it.

My goal is to be tone all over, but I still want to be about the same size that I am now, minus the belly. lol

If you are doing or have done insanity big kuddos to you!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Vitamins - My Recommendations

Here is a quick video I did simply explaining the vitamins I take. Most I take everyday but some I take occasionally.

My current vitamin regimen is always posted on the left sidebar of this blog. :)

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hair Diary *22* - I bought new Hair!! & Baggy Ponytail Benefits

I finally bought new hair!! I have been researching hair companies for the past few months trying to decide who I wanted to order from. Its weird because I kept coming back to the same vendor.

I ended up buying from QHP at 4am last night. I got 3 bundles, of 20, 18, & 16" deep wave hair, of course! I want a nice layered look and am going to bleach out the hair only leaving the roots so that it will blend with my hair.

I am planning on making the hair into a U part wig with NO leave out. I have an idea that I want to try out to hide the braids and tracks. I still have to work out how to execute it but that will be worked out when I sew in my hair.

Been ponytail baggying over the past month or so. Over this time I have noticed that my hair has really benefitted from doing so.

The baggy along with deep conditioning 1-2 times a week has left me with very soft hair and very very little breakage. I have not been doing the daily cowash thing lately, like I did when I first started out, but my hair still seems to be ok.

Today, I took out the pony baggy and washed with As I Am Coconut Cowash and used Suave humectant as my leave in. I am debating on when to put my ponytail back in, because I am not busy this weekend.

I am going to wear my ponytail for just one more week before I put in my summer hair. As long as my hair gets here by next weekend. The sewin should give my hair a good break and an extra inch or so of length when I take it out. I am planning on keeping this hair in until the end of the summer. :)

I wore my hair out for a little while a few weeks ago and since I am at that length where I am still rubbing against my shoulders I did notice a bit of breakage. It wasnt much but it was definitely enough for me to say later for wearing my hair out until it grows a little longer.

I always prefer long hair on me though. Later for the short hair.

I am really looking forward to going fully blonde! Ive never done it before and Im sure it will look awesome on my complexion. Im thinking Im going to do it in an ombre. Dark roots and honey blonde hair. Maybe make the tips a little lighter.

I also want to pick up a few flexi8 clips. I could make some of my own but I like theirs for now. I havent come up with the perfect design for my hair clip just yet. I have so many drawn out but havent made any yet.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *23*

The One

After 2 weeks with the #HTCOne phone I am absolutely in love.

I got a few cases for it, alone with some Monster iSport headphones, and an armband for running. The iSports are awesome and they stay put during a workout! I am so happy with my purchase.

Master Cleanse & Fitness

I slacked off on my running for a good month or two and obviously I paid for it. I went back up and am 7lbs heavier than I was before. Ughh.

So I am currently in my cleanse mode! I started a quick master cleanse and am on my third day. No cheats. Unfortunately I will only be able to go until friday because I have something going on, on Saturday which includes alcohol... lol Of course I cant drink on an empty stomach. Or at least not vey much.

So Im going to do my 3 days and cheat on Saturday and then go back and try to complete another 3-4 days. That way I will have 6-7 days total.

After that I am going to do a lot of juicing and raw fruits and veggies to make up for eating like crap and not being active. That is a recipe for fatness and disaster. LoL For me at least.

I havent done any SWFs yet. I just havent been able to bring myself to doing it first thing in the morning. Its so gross, but I need to do it at least twice. Going to have to get up super early like 6am. Ok.. yea tmi..

I have been walking/running for 2-3 miles about every other day for the past week and a half and I love it. I want to get to where I am doing it everyday and I want to cut my time down by about 15mins. It took me 55mins to do 3 miles the other day. I want to drop that down to 40-45mins.

It took a minute to build my stamina back up. Since I havent been active, my legs were cramping like crazy after like 10 mins. I started stretching before, running, stretching again, and finishing the run and then doing an hr or so of yoga. That has worked really well for me.

I am also getting back into my yoga, again... Which I loves. Its really cool because my flexibility is much better than I thought it was.

The Hair

I am still wearing my ponytail baggy. I am still debating on where I am going to buy my hair from. All these companies are so iffy and there is no way in hell I am going to pay $500 for hair that I am only going to wear for a month. Maybe $200... lol

But yea, I actually am going to order sometime this weekend so I can have my hair done by next weekend.

One more week of the baggy!! Protective styling for the summer!!

I was actually debating on getting another lace wig and bleaching it out. But I think it would be better to just do the wefts like I origionally planned. Yea.. tons of uncertainty. But I will work it all out, like always. LoL

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *22*

Late posting this, should have been up before but I got caught up in other stuff. :) So I am setting the date for the day it was supposed to be posted.

In The News

The weather keeps changing for the worse. I feel like we are in The Day After Tomorrow. Wheres Dennis & Jake? Oh and Emmy? lol

Yea, storms that have been tokened to be hundred year storms are coming in every year. Things are shifting and not for the better. How are we going to all be able to come together and make a concious effort to prevent any furthuer damage to the earth.

Truthfully I cant say that people as a whole can even be capable of that.
The boy scouts are in my opinion horrible for seriously having an open ban on gays. Whether or not its youths or adults. Just because they are gay does not mean they are crazy. And just because they are gay does not mean their gayness will be passed umongst them

When is the world going to learn to accept people for who they are and who they want to be, especially when they are not hurting anyone.

The fact that sexual oreintation and skin color are still a factor for many people in 2013 is very disturbing to me. A man was killed in the village in Manhattan this past week, simply because he was gay. The gays are here to stay and the majority are becoming the minority and people better start getting used to it.

Russian mobsters sent a guy to collect money and it appears to me that the guy might have had the wrong address. He threatened a group of college students. Obviously they did not have a lot of money so they gave him what they had and went to the atm to get more, where one called 911.

It all ended with the robber and a gorgeous young coed with a twin getting murdered BY THE POLICE!!!!!

These assholes open fired on the robber while he was holding the girl as a hostage!!

How this happened is completely beyond me. The stupidity and the carelessness of this particular officer is sickening. I hope he looses his badge, his house, and everything else....

Sometimes the police have just way too much power and athority. It took a few days for it to break that it was actually the officer who fired the shots and not the robber. I feel really bad for the girls family and friends. Friendly fire is not a good way to lose your life.


Its really funny to me to see how people change over time. The way things start off and end between two people is fascinating. I used to always analyze others situations and come up with conclusions why things go the way they go.

I havent done it so much as of recently because I have cut hella drama out of my life over the years.

But I love starting new relationships and seeing where they go and how they progress. Also the fact that time is a really big factor in my opinion. If things start off really good and really fast they do tend to fizzle out much faster, in my opinion.

I think when meeting someone, how much you like the person should guage how fast things develop. Not that it is a horrible thing for things to move quickly, because I have seen relationships last for years between people who jumped into a relationship very quickly. But on the other hand doing so a lot of the time could be a very bad idea.

Another thing I have found to be funny is when you meet a guy and you show no particular interest and/or avoid any physical contact, it initiates the chase!

Good looking men who are used to women throwing themselves at them are very confused by women who do not. I love to just sit back and watch in that type of situation to see who comes out on top.

The Hair

I have been wearing the ponytail baggy consistently for going on 3 weeks now. I am dying!! I need hair inspiration so bad. I have no clue how I want to do my hair!!! The baggy has been good though. My ends are moisturized and I am not getting any breakage and no shedding!!! Woo hoo!!

I think I want to do another set of tree braids with a different curl pattern. Aside from that I am also thinking about doing some really long seneglese twists or getting some new virgin hair and bleaching it out blonde and do my Beyonce/Rhianna thing. LoL

I think the blonde hair will be the thing that will get me out of my hair funk. I hate not knowing what to do with my hair. Plus I have been wanting to go blonde for a while now. I have never gone just all out blonde before. I am excited to try it out for the first time though.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hair Diary *21* - Frequent Deep Conditioning

Long long ago when I grew my hair from 6" to MBL I found the key to keeping my hair intact and in the magical land of NO Breakage, I needed to deep condition my hair twice a week.

When you have a busy schedule it is pretty difficult to keep to a regimen like that. I found that setting reminders on my calender helps tremendously with keeing everything in order.

After following the calender for so long you get used to doing it and it becomes second nature. I am trying to get back to how I used to do my hair. Cowashes every 1-2 days, deep conditioning twice a week.

That is where my hair does its best.

Add in the protective styles and the protein, moisture balance and you have a recipe for growth.

Everyones hair is different and we all experience setbacks. That is a part of life in general. But once you find what works for your hair you really need to stick with it.

Sometimes the second you try something new or slack off in any way, you are asking for a huge setback. This was the case for me when I thought it would be a good idea to do a Brazillian Keratin Treatment.

My hair was beautiful afterward, but a year later I am starting all over again. I was at BSL when I did the BKT.

So basically this will be my third time growing my hair back out. It takes time to make it to your goals. for me it takes 2 years to grow from the scalp to MBL. Ive done that twice already.

My goal from now on is not to make a certain length, but to prevent future hairloss. It is very difficult and frustrating to make it to a goal and lose it all right away.

I have yet to really ever enjoy my hair at MBL.

I believe I will hit that goal again sometime next year and hopefully at that time I will not experience any setbacks for a very very long time.

Long hair is something I strive for not because I have never had it before, or because my hair wont grow. But I prefer my appearance with long natural curly hair.

We all can and will make our goals. The key is always stay consistent.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hair diary *20* - Hardcore Protein Maaannnnn...

I was experiencing some serious breakage so it was necessary to do something drastic to stop it in its tracks.

My hair actually really likes protein and I have found it to be important to incorporate it into my regimen regularly. I have to keep up with my hardcore protien treatments every few months or else I experience breakage. In between I like to use Aphogee's reconstructor to cowash with or in my ponytail baggy.

In the video, I did the hardcore Aphogee 2 step, section by section. Rinsed and then deep conditioned with Lekairs, Aussie Moist 3 min miracle, and EVOO.

I let the conditioner sit overnight and rinsed in the morning. Added some suave humectant conditioner and I braided my hair down so that I could wear my lace wig for the next week.

The week after I wore my hair in a ponytail baggy and am actually still wearing it now.

I attempted to do my ponytail baggy a few months ago but because my hair was all over the place lengthwise it really wasnt a good idea. I experienced breakage and because the hair was so uneven I was making my ponytails too tight which would have caused thinning edges if I would have continued.

Now that my hair is pretty even it works out really well. My ends all fit into the baggy nicely and my baby hair syndrome has subsided as my hair grew out.

I decided to do only natural styles until at least July. I wanted to stay away from the weaves for a little while, but still keep up with my protective styles at the same time.

So far my hair is digging it and I am falling in love with my natural hair all over again. :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Diary *19* - Choppp!!!

So after I took down my Tree Braids I decided that it was time to let my uneven ends go.

I cant stand uneven ends and the fact that my hair does this every few years. For those who may not know I have been battling hormonal hair loss for 9 years now.

My hair used to be super, super thick and dense before all of this. The first time I got on birthcontrol I tried the Depo shot. I had a few complications with this so after the first shot I did not go back. Complications including hairloss.

Next I tried The Ring, which I actually loved but I noticed my hair was falling out like crazy. I thought it was because of the relaxer so I went natural. Later I realized it was The Ring.

A few years later I tried Mirena which caused a long laundry list of problems for me. The biggest one which was hair loss and cervical dysplaysia.

I am going to contribute my recent hair loss to BKT I did twice lase year and also MN which I tried for a month or so last year.

My hair literally purged.....

When new hair grows in the end of the hair is fine and tapered. My head is actually covered with these new hairs. I call new hairs baby hairs when they first grow in, and that initial grow out stage I like to refer to as baby hair syndrome because the baby hairs can be very difficult to control.

After the cut, I have a good 8" of hair, meaning none of my hair is older than a year and 4 months.

I chopped a good 3-6" of hair off depending on the section. It was the best thing to do because I was holding on to the length because I felt some type of way about having short hair again.

I needed to let go of the hair to let go of the fear and I am really happy I did. Now I can actually wear my natural hair out and not flip out about how silly it looks.

After the chop I still experienced a little breakage so I decided to do some hardcore treatments....

More about that in tomorrows post..

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hair Diary *18* - TreeBraid Takedown

I took down my tree braids about 2 weeks ago or so and posted the video on youtube here.

I wore the tree braids for a good 6 weeks and absolutely loved the style!

I kinda didnt want to take it out but it was getting pretty old so it was definitely time. My roots were growing out pretty well and I had between 1/2"-1" of new growth all over.

Taking down tree braids can be a little difficult so after taking out the first 2 braids I decided to cut off the length of the synthetic hair and then take town my braids. This made the takedown much simpler and faster.

I cowashed the roots and towel dried the synthetic hair to make the takedown much easier and faster.

As I unraveled the braids, the synthetic hair and any shed hair that had accumulated came out pretty easily.

After I finished taking them out I shampooed and deep conditioned overnight with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Rinsed and wore a wash and go until I noticed a lot of breakage on my ends....

Dun dun dunnnnn.....

To be continued...

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *21*

Im going to switch up my TOLT format. I want to talk more about current news, relationships, and of course Hair! It is getting a bit difficult to keep up with how I was posting before. Its hard to think out loud in a bulleted list. lol

In the News
Its awful and yet amazing to me to see all the different national stories going on in the news today. There have been so many tragic stories seemingly one right after another over the past few weeks, months, and years. From Jodi Arias to Trevon Martin. The Colorado movie theater and Sandy Hook elementary. The Boston Bombing and now the Cleveland kidnapping.

I would really like to know what is wrong with people and how they think that these things are ok and are what they should be doing.

Jodi and her imaginary crime of passion. Why would you go through so much to cover your tracks before hand if you didnt plan this all out well ahead of time. So obvious. Problem I have with her is that she is cute. What is with the sociopathic good looking people. They are always the ones. I think its crazy.

At least with that case the jury had more sense than those in the Casey Anthoney case. Lets hope the people of Florida have learned to put the pieces together for the Trevon Martin's case. Zimmerman needs to be behind bars.

In Life
Recently someone told me that a woman who does not go half on dinner after knowing someone for a good amount of time has no self respect.... He said she needs to "pull her own weight".
I personally find that to be extremely stupid and kind of selfish. In my opinion and in my experience if your are just dating a man and are not in a (key word) serious relationship you should know your worth. You should know and be open about what you are willing and not willing to do for him. In my experience men enjoy paying for dinner, drinks, movies and other things.

I was thrown aback by this comment and I am not sure I would be interested in creating a serious relationship with someone who has a problem with taking care of my needs. Im the type of girl who does not ask a guy for things. If he offers then cool, Im happy. But the fact that I am used to being told "No" by the few people who you would think would always say "Yes", I have grown to not even bother asking.

I like a man who can cherish his woman and in my opinion it shouldnt be 50/50 financially until a ring is put on her finger. The thing some men dont realize is that most of the time they are competing for the affection of a woman. Why should I put my time and energy and money into him when that is not required from someone else, who will treat me better.

Its not that I am not willing to dish out my own money for things. The biggest issue I have with this situation is that if someone offers or invites you out, in my opinion they should pay. That goes for all genders. If I invite you to my house, Im cooking. If I invite you to a restaurant, I will offer to pay.
Pull your own weight... LOL

If you dont live together I wouldnt consider that to have anything to do with the situation.

But the question bodes.... What do you think? Who pays for dinner? When should the woman pay?

The Hair
I totally suck about posting my videos in a timely manner on the blog. So since the last 3 videos or so have been posted on YT I am just going to do a few scheduled daily posts starting tomorrow for each video.

Since I cut my hair I have actually been able to wear my natural hair out and it looked great! During the week I have been wearing my infamous ponytail baggy. I really need to get a few more ponytails and will probably place an order for more in a few weeks. I still have the 3 that I bought last year and they are in good shape but obviously synthetic hair does not last very long.

I should venture into the human hair drawstring ponytails. I have only used the synthetic before because it is my preference but I want to see how long the human will last compared and how the hair feels.

I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to human hair. I wont wear it unless it is top of the line preferrably virgin. My lace wig has spoiled me and I havent been satisfied with less ever since I got her. <333 sigh="">
So thats my TOLT for the week. Hopefully I can find the time and keep up with it. LoL

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