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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Set of Box Braids with a Twist! - Video

Here is a quick video showing the process I went through to achieve my latest hair style.

I sectioned the hair into 4. I like to start off the braids in the back and work my way up. I then did singles in half of the front section and french braids on the other side.

Then I took a break until I was ready to finish up that last section in the middle. I made each part very small.

For the singles I used a single strand and pulled the ends so that they would taper out at the ends. For the french braids I used my 3 strand method adding more hair at the ends so that they would be the same length as the rest of the singles.

When I was done I clipped the ends so they would not look as messy.

Because I cut the hair in half it is about the same length as my natural hair. I was going to dip the ends in hot water to make sure they dont unravel but havent yet. Maybe I will do that on video. :)

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