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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hair Diary *9* - Braid Regimen & Growth Aids

I posted this video but forgot to put it on the blog so here it is.

Its been a few days now and the braids are holding up great!

This video goes over the basics of my braid regimen.

Every day in the morning I am spraying my scalp with brewed coffee. This helps wake me up in the morning and I am hoping that it will subside my shedding signifigantly. At night I apply my sulfur oil all over my scalp and spray the braids themselves with water and conditioner. 

Doing this keeps my scalp moisturized and dandruff free and my hair nice and moisturized. Taking care of the hair while protected is crucial. I made the mistake of neglecting my hair just because I was braided or sewn in and when I took them out my hair was very fragile.

I wont be making that mistake again. Especially not with my recent hair mishaps.

Growth Aids
Sulfur, for me has been a great growth aid. I dont think I have ever gotten an inch a month from it but I know for sure that it does help reduce my shedding and eliminates dandruff and itchies. 

Coffee has helped to reduce my shedding. It is too soon for me to know if it has actually boosted my growth rate but studies have shown that it is very effective in that way.

I am also taking vitamins.
Currently I am still taking Biotin, MSM, Iron, and a Prenatal as my multi. Next year I want to up the dose of the Biotin and MSM. I also want to add Ener-g and Marine Collagen as an added boost.

In Feb, I will judge the amount of growth by the length of all the baby hairs that are growing in and also by a length shot of my hair unstretched, just out of the shower.. Before I put the braids in, the very back had made it back to the top of my brastrap and I chopped a few small sections down in the middle where the shedding and breakage was really bad. My goal with the growth aids is to get back where I was and quickly re-make my goal of MBL before the year 2013 is over.

Will post more on this later. :)

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