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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hair Diary *8* - Hectic Weekend

So I took out my crochet braids on wednesday and spent a few days doing deep conditioning treatments.

I wanted to try a braid out again since I have attempted to do them in the past and was disappointed every time. This time I used a little Argan Oil Eco Styler gel and let it dry overnight in 8 braids.

When I took it out the next day, I was happy with the curl pattern and the way my hair felt. It was soft and luckily it wasnt dry and crunchy.

The problem was that as soon as I went to separate the curls and fluff the roots the entire thing went POOF! I wasnt feeling it at all so I immediately washed it out and contemplated what my next style would be.

I had 3 options.

  1. Another set of Crochet Braids
  2. Braid my hair and wear Mila Kunis-Jovovich, the lace wig. LOL
  3. Do a set of Box Braids
After a day or so, I figured, since I had the time and I committed myself to non-stop protective styles till the end of 2013, I should just go ahead and do the Box Braids and wear them till at least February.

I wanted something different so I did some squiggly french braids on the side and really small singles throughout the rest.

I'll post a video on this within the next few days.

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