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Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012!

2012 has been a decent year. Nothing special for me, however I thought it would be good to post some favorites and highlights I have had throughout the year.

Hair wise my product usage has been very minimal. I have been sticking to my suave for cowashing and am still looking for a new deep conditioner other than Lekairs which I have been using for years.

One product that I tried and loved recently has been the As I Am Coconut CoWash. That stuff is amazing! My hair was so soft after using it and funny that it did feel like shampooing my hair with zero lather. I hardly ever shampoo my hair because it dries my hair like crazy but I will definitely be keeping this in rotation.

I have fallen in LOVE with my handmade items! From my jewelry to my hair products. I made a few awesome moisturizers and body products that my skin loves. I have been making things for years but took a long break before starting back up again.

I have not used any commercially made soaps in like 2 years. My favorite soaps that I have made are actually my coffee based soap, as well as my peppermint spa bar and citrus smoothie soap. They are all awesome and my skin is super smooth from using it.

I also havent purchased a single piece of jewelry since last year. When ever I go out, I put together my outfit and end up making a piece that fits perfectly. This is where the few pieces I have posted on my jewelry site have stemmed from. I have a lot more that I will be putting up as well in the next few weeks.


My hair looked absolutely Glorious with the BKT treatment but over time the BKT did to my hair what an extremely over-processed relaxer would have done!! I want to try it again to see if I will get better results but I know I need to stay away from it big time!

MN has been good for my hair in the past but generic brands from Ebay are the devil!! If I ever use it again I will make my own mix. That way there will be no mysterious ingredients causing crazy shedding.

Consistency is everyones best friend, so I'm going to continue to be as consistent as possible with everything. From the hair, to the blog & youtube, to the kids, and everything else as well.

Trying to include others in things is going to be a thing of the past. Everyone has their own agenda and 9 times out of 10 are not interested in yours. So I'm done with that as well.. (again)

I welcome the new year and hopefully it will be a great year for us all!!

Happy New Year!!!

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