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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Giveaway Video!!

Finally its ready! So after much technical difficulty I finally was able to record and upload the giveaway video!

I also have another announcement! I have been working on my own jewelry line for the better part of the year and wanted to share my creativity and personality with you all on another level.

Everything on the site is Handmade by me and I have worn and tested each piece extensively to make sure that each will last and is of the quality that I strive for.

Obviously there are many others out there who are making jewelry and stuff, but every line is different and unique in its own way. I do not make my pieces similar to any other. I like to put my own creative twist on everything that I do and it shows in my work.

I have a few pieces posted up already and I am working on a lot more.

I will be creating unique hair sticks and clips, fashion jewelry, belts, among many other things. I have so many ideas and this is probably the best way for me to express my creativity.

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