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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thinking Out Loud - TOLT *7*

Thinking Out Loud
  • I HATE being sick!!
  • Trying to sleep it away, but its not working. Have a headache and tons of stuff in my nose and throat. eeeewwww!
  • Thanksgiving was fun! I'm happy about that.
  • Very happy to have my MBP fixed as well... Even though they completely wiped the machine!
  • Cant believe my son completely wiped my cell phone! Lost everything, contacts, email, apps... Everything gone!
  • So yea, I am starting off completely fresh and am a little lost. I backed up everything or almost everything so its ok, for the most part.
  • Ive been really into the Crochet braids lately. I think i'm going to wear them one more month and then try something different.
  • Ive been watching John Carter on Starz on demand over and over. I love that movie!!
  • I'm a little addicted to Movies On Demand and Netflix.

We need to talk about Steven - This movie is horrible!(but good at the same time) And it really shows what can happen when you dont do anything about a problem child. There are some things you can not ignore and the way he behaved for all those years without any guidance is shameful. The father was completely oblivious to his sons behavior and ultimately paid for it in a way he never expected.

I cant imagine what she is going through in the movie or the mothers of kids who actually did this kind of thing in real life for that matter. How can you even show your face after something like that.

This movie is on Starz OD as well.

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