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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Steps for Flatironing Natural Hair & rant..

I was on LHCF the other day and came across a thread asking for help to stop their hair from frizzing.

When I start writing sometimes I seem to just go on and on. I wrote this in response and thought it would be good to post it here and elaborate a little more.

What i have found works for me is:

-Deep conditioning overnight beforehand for moisture.
-Blowdrying gives a smoother flatiron.
-Using a really hot ceramic iron.
-An after DCing do not apply any product except for Chi Silk Infusion.
-Wrap at night and do a silk wrap the next day.
-Do Not under any circumstances use any products that have water or a humectant as an ingredient. Those products cause crazy frizz for me.
-Baggy ends at night with a little castor oil.

I have thick, fine 3c/4a ish hair.

I did 2 BKTs earlier this year and although my hair was Glorious! I did experience sever breakage after the fact.
If you do a BKT dont overdo the heat and make sure you take extra, extra care of your hair after. I didnt really do much to mine and my ends were really brittle.

Looking back I probably shouldnt have done the BKT 2x and should have been more into taking care of my hair because now I am paying for it with uneven ends. 

I did like the BKT though. It made my hair feel really nice and my flatiron lasted for 2 whole weeks with zero frizzing and zero reversion(which I have never been able to achieve before.) My curls are a little looser after as well and clump together better. Which I think is a plus... Minus the breakage...

All in all, be very careful if you decide to do a BKT, without I was usually able to keep my hair nice for a good 4 days with my other steps.

Here are a few videos I did of me straightening my hair. The first 2 were a few years ago and back then I would either rollerset my hair and flat iron the roots or blowdry as I did in the video. This was before my hair fell out from Mirena and my hair was Super healthy and lovely!

This video I did more recently, this year. This was my first BKT and my hair came out lovely.

But, yes, as I stated above I should have taken better care of my hair. At the time of this video, I had been kinda out of the loop hair-wise and had not been doing my 2x weekly DCing or frequent cowashing. I was attempting to get back into my hair care and had not fully grasped it.

Its really hard to get back on the wagon sometimes when you had fallen off so long ago.

After I did the second BKT and still wasnt taking great care of my hair, she flipped out! She started breaking and then with the MN incedent in Aug she was like fuck this... Im out!


My hair at this time is not as thick, even, or long as it should be or would be. But I need to get myself off of the shoulda woulda coulda...

After giving myself the kick I needed my hair is now very healthy, albeit uneven. I would love to do another BKT in the future just to see what the outcome would be, but I will attempt to keep far away from it until my hair is in tip top condition.

I'm still working on getting back to the magical land of no breakage.


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