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Monday, November 05, 2012

Keeping up with your Crochet Braids - Video

I recorded this a good 2-3 weeks ago and haven't had the time to edit and upload. I just finished editing and here it is.

I have worn Crochet Braids in the past but that was years ago. I thought it would be good to share my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.

When sleeping, I always wear my satin bonnet. If I don't, I wake up with matts and tangles, which is not cool. If I wear my bonnet every night it greatly reduces the amount of times I need to detangle.

Everyday when I wake up I take off the bonnet, shake the hair out, and fluff into place. If any pieces need to be separated I finger comb them out.

Every few days, I spray my scalp with a conditioner, water, and oil mix. Make sure this throughly dries because it can cause the scalp to mildew. I feel like I have much better access to my scalp with this style as opposed to a sew in or wig. You can use whatever you like on your scalp whether it is a liquid, oil, or cream.

Most of the time I just finger comb and separate the curls to keep them looking nice .Whenever I feel like the curls need to really be detangled I spray with Suave and water and comb out using my denman first and then using a wide tooth comb. The denman clumps the curls and gets rid of snarls and the wide tooth comb separates the curls and fluffs the hair out really pretty.

If I feel any of the knots at the base start to loosen up I pull them taught and go through with my soft hold hairspray. This keeps them in place and I haven't had any pieces fall out that I haven't pulled out myself.

Im thinking I might keep these in for maybe a few more days or till next week. Because of everything thats been going on, my hair is the last thing I should be worried about, I guess. Im going to take them down and let my hair rest for a few days and then re-install. I need to shampoo my scalp, as I have a lot of build up and I need to moisturize. Will post about that when I do.

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