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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair Diary *7* - Sulfur Oil

I ordered a pound of sulfur powder from a chemical supplier online. I said I wasnt going to use any growth aids but since I have used this several times in the past I decided to go back to it.

For me sulfur helps to eliminate shedding and it does slightly increase my growth rate. I do not believe I have ever gained an entire inch per month of use, but I do remember receiving noticeable growth.

I mixed up an 8oz bottle of oils and in it I put 1 teaspoon of the sulfur powder.

For the oils I used:
1.5oz Grapeseed
1.5oz Hazelnut
3oz EVOO
2oz Castor

I have been rubbing it into my scalp every night before I go to sleep. So far it has really helped. My scalp is nice and moisturized, no flakes and I kind of already have new growth. :) cool

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