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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair Diary *6* - Mowhawk Crochet Braids

After my rigirous deep conditioning routine over the weekend I put my hair up into a simple braided bun until I was ready for the next style.

I wore that for 3 days and did daily cowashes to keep the hair detangled and moisturized. This past wednesday I redid the crochet braids.

With this set I wrapped the knot only twice and I braided my hair kinda straight back in the middle with the ends hanging just as before. BUT... I did a little zig zag braid in the nape so that area would not be as stressed. It does look a little bulky but after tucked in it is pretty flat. I made sure to fill that area in really well so there was no visible gap.

Here is what it looked like right after all the pieces were added.

Theres the goofy smile again... smh

This is the look after chopping it up! Me luvs iiiitttttt!!!!!

I combed the curls out before cutting so that all the snarls and loose hairs were clearly visible. I recorded how I cut it so that will be posted this weekend.

I'll probably be wearing this style for a while, just changing it up as I go.
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