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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hair Diary *5* - Takedown & Wash Day!

My takedown process is quite a long one. It usually takes an entire weekend to complete.

I started out by saturating my hair with a spray bottle full of water and a ton of conditioner. I am using V05 Moisture milk in Passion Fruit Smoothie, but I prefer Suave.

As I unraveled my braids the pieces of hair slid right out as well. I did encounter a few snarls and to counteract I simply sprayed more conditioner and gently pulled the strands apart one by one.

After unraveling I throughly detangled using a shower comb to remove most of the shed hair. I then went over it with my denman to smooth it all out. Each section was braided up afterwards so that they stayed detangled.

I then pre-pooed overnight with suave, and oil and shampooed in the AM with Aussie Moist, off camera.

Next, it was time for a Henna Gloss treatment. I mixed a bunch of conditioners that I didnt like much(along with some I love), along with some safflower oil, honey, and Jamila Henna powder. I let that sit for a few hours with heat for the first hour or so, to let the henna penetrate.

After rinsing the henna I applied a clear rinse, with a little heat for 20 mins.

I rinsed that out and did my final cowash. I then put my hair into a braided bun for a few days, cowashing daily.

Here are a few pics after the fact. I can kinda see the tint and the shine from the henna and the clear rinse. :)

I went ahead and redid my crochet braids as well. I will post pics and stuff for that in the next post.


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