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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Breed by Chase Novak - Book Review

Its rare for me to find a book that intrigues me enough to read it through and through in less than a day. Due to the so called great reviews about this book, I did just that.

I began reading with great expectations and high hopes to be terrified and disgusted out of my mind.

Unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed. I expected so much more. The entire time I was reading I was waiting for that climactic moment where the story takes off.

That moment never comes.

-Spoilers Below-

It starts off with a couple, the Alex and Leslie, who have spent a few years trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. They are very well off due to his family inheritance and the fact that they both have very rewarding and well paying careers.

They have spent an obscene amount of money on any and every procedure or remedy that they could find hoping for any one of these things to help with their infertility. After 3 years, they finally find a way when they ran across a couple who also were having a hard time getting pregnant as well. Not anymore.

She was pregnant and they were willing to give up their secret, for a price.

A European doctor was their savior. The couple was pregnant and now Alex and Leslie were on their way to receive their cure. A painful experience, but afterwards they felt a new energy. They get pregnant immediately.

Things quickly begin to change.

Their bodies, their minds, it all slowly morphs into something strange, something wild. They begin to do things that are completely out of character, almost animalistic. They don't understand what is happening to them, but it does not matter because they got what they wanted.

An heir.

Their babies are born! A set of twins!

10 years pass and the scene is completely different from which it started. They were once a well to do family with an estate in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood in Manhattan. Now, they have sold almost all of their precious antiques, family heirlooms, and very valuable belongings. They both are unemployed. Their house is in disarray and their children have to be locked into their bedrooms at night.

The children are terrified of their parents, with good reason.

Their parents are hiding something. The family has so many secrets.

Mom and dad are fighting back the urge. Cannibalism.

Essentially, because of the procedure which gave them the children they so longed for, they sort of morphed into hairy, wolf people, who preferred the taste of fresh meat. They kept dogs in the basement and ate meat that was smothered in what they called "gravy", but the children could see, it was blood.

One night the children get their chance to run away. In fear for their lives, they have to get out of that house, away from their parents.

Apparently they were not alone. They came upon a group of kids who live in Central Park, the products of the same strange procedure their parents went through many years ago. These children are also runaways. Those who did still live home with their parents, kept them chained up like dogs.

The European mad doctor had been practicing his medicine for a good 15 years before the effects of his work became known. He had treated people all over the world before they found out that what they were being injected with changed their DNA makeup, making them prone to cannibalism. Like the Goby fish that had been injected into them, their delicacy being their own offspring.

I don't even know how to describe this book. My biggest issue is that it basically had all of the makings of a great horror story or even just a really gory disgusting tale. Nothing was embellished on. All the parts where there should have been gory details of mutilation were skimmed over.

The parts that were supposed to be exciting, I guess, lasted a few paragraphs. They killed off the best character. And the ending was just... Ughh... Really??

I was confused half the time. I mean were they werewolves or something similar? Why did they have to lose all sense of their humanity? Why did they live in such disarray, selling off all their property when that was the whole reason they had to have children?

They needed heirs to their estate. Yet, before the children were even preteens they had nothing left to pass down.

I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed. There was so much there, that could have been expanded upon, that would have made this book great. Too bad.

Its not good to read a book, be halfway in, still waiting for the story to pick up. It was very blah, very bland.

I absolutely love a really good horror story but this lacked the substance and detail needed to make it just that.

I'll give Novack(which is a pseudonym for Scott Spencer) a B for effort, but the book itself I'll give a solid D-.

It really could have been better. Maybe I'm just hard to please...

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