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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thinking Out Loud - TOLT *7*

Thinking Out Loud
  • I HATE being sick!!
  • Trying to sleep it away, but its not working. Have a headache and tons of stuff in my nose and throat. eeeewwww!
  • Thanksgiving was fun! I'm happy about that.
  • Very happy to have my MBP fixed as well... Even though they completely wiped the machine!
  • Cant believe my son completely wiped my cell phone! Lost everything, contacts, email, apps... Everything gone!
  • So yea, I am starting off completely fresh and am a little lost. I backed up everything or almost everything so its ok, for the most part.
  • Ive been really into the Crochet braids lately. I think i'm going to wear them one more month and then try something different.
  • Ive been watching John Carter on Starz on demand over and over. I love that movie!!
  • I'm a little addicted to Movies On Demand and Netflix.

We need to talk about Steven - This movie is horrible!(but good at the same time) And it really shows what can happen when you dont do anything about a problem child. There are some things you can not ignore and the way he behaved for all those years without any guidance is shameful. The father was completely oblivious to his sons behavior and ultimately paid for it in a way he never expected.

I cant imagine what she is going through in the movie or the mothers of kids who actually did this kind of thing in real life for that matter. How can you even show your face after something like that.

This movie is on Starz OD as well.

Cutting and shaping Crochet Braid Mohawk

Yea, so I had to get my laptop fixed and am finally able to get this vid up.
I'm still sick so, slacked on the voiceover a little. Meh....

I'll have the giveaway video posted as soon as I'm feeling a little better. ughh..

Anyways, this video is pretty self explanatory. I cut the mohawk into layers, shorter on top and longer on the bottom.

I love the way it came out and am looking forward to chopping up my next style. I love cutting hair. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Club Bronze - FOTD

I did a simple smokey eye the other day and actually remembered to take pics! 
I used Cub eyeshadow, which I love! Has that really pretty brown blue iridescence. :)

Products Used

Silver from ELF palette - inner eye
MAC Club - lid
MAC Saddle - crease
MAC Rule - inner crease
MAC Short Shorts - highlight
MAC Carbon - lash line
MAC Smolder - lash line
The Falsies mascara
Light Brown brow pencil

MAC Brave New Bronze - My FAVE nude lipstick!!

Laura Mercier foundation
La Femme blush
ELF illuminator to highight

Saturday, November 24, 2012

As I Am Coconut Cowash GIVEAWAY!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Black Friday!!

I wanted to post this on the blog now to make the start date official. I am hosting this giveaway for 2 weeks and a video will be up by Tuesday.

You must be 18 or older. If you are under 18 you must have permission from your parents to enter.
To enter to win you must Comment on this post and/or on the video once it is posted telling me your favorite Hair care product..
To be considered to win you must also do at least 2 of the following.

1. Follow my Facebook page -> http://www.facebook.com/BeautyAndTheBabies
2. Subscribe to my Youtube page -> http://www.youtube.com/user/marand313
3. Follow me on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/marand313
4. Follow This Blog!

There will be 2 winners selected at random! The winners will be announced on December 14th and will have 2 days to claim their prize.

Each winner will receive an 8oz jar of As I Am Coconut Cowash, as well as one of my own hand made bracelets.

The bracelet will be from my own jewelry line which will also be announced in the video.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair Diary *7* - Sulfur Oil

I ordered a pound of sulfur powder from a chemical supplier online. I said I wasnt going to use any growth aids but since I have used this several times in the past I decided to go back to it.

For me sulfur helps to eliminate shedding and it does slightly increase my growth rate. I do not believe I have ever gained an entire inch per month of use, but I do remember receiving noticeable growth.

I mixed up an 8oz bottle of oils and in it I put 1 teaspoon of the sulfur powder.

For the oils I used:
1.5oz Grapeseed
1.5oz Hazelnut
3oz EVOO
2oz Castor

I have been rubbing it into my scalp every night before I go to sleep. So far it has really helped. My scalp is nice and moisturized, no flakes and I kind of already have new growth. :) cool

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair Diary *6* - Mowhawk Crochet Braids

After my rigirous deep conditioning routine over the weekend I put my hair up into a simple braided bun until I was ready for the next style.

I wore that for 3 days and did daily cowashes to keep the hair detangled and moisturized. This past wednesday I redid the crochet braids.

With this set I wrapped the knot only twice and I braided my hair kinda straight back in the middle with the ends hanging just as before. BUT... I did a little zig zag braid in the nape so that area would not be as stressed. It does look a little bulky but after tucked in it is pretty flat. I made sure to fill that area in really well so there was no visible gap.

Here is what it looked like right after all the pieces were added.

Theres the goofy smile again... smh

This is the look after chopping it up! Me luvs iiiitttttt!!!!!

I combed the curls out before cutting so that all the snarls and loose hairs were clearly visible. I recorded how I cut it so that will be posted this weekend.

I'll probably be wearing this style for a while, just changing it up as I go.

My Steps for Flatironing Natural Hair & rant..

I was on LHCF the other day and came across a thread asking for help to stop their hair from frizzing.

When I start writing sometimes I seem to just go on and on. I wrote this in response and thought it would be good to post it here and elaborate a little more.

What i have found works for me is:

-Deep conditioning overnight beforehand for moisture.
-Blowdrying gives a smoother flatiron.
-Using a really hot ceramic iron.
-An after DCing do not apply any product except for Chi Silk Infusion.
-Wrap at night and do a silk wrap the next day.
-Do Not under any circumstances use any products that have water or a humectant as an ingredient. Those products cause crazy frizz for me.
-Baggy ends at night with a little castor oil.

I have thick, fine 3c/4a ish hair.

I did 2 BKTs earlier this year and although my hair was Glorious! I did experience sever breakage after the fact.
If you do a BKT dont overdo the heat and make sure you take extra, extra care of your hair after. I didnt really do much to mine and my ends were really brittle.

Looking back I probably shouldnt have done the BKT 2x and should have been more into taking care of my hair because now I am paying for it with uneven ends. 

I did like the BKT though. It made my hair feel really nice and my flatiron lasted for 2 whole weeks with zero frizzing and zero reversion(which I have never been able to achieve before.) My curls are a little looser after as well and clump together better. Which I think is a plus... Minus the breakage...

All in all, be very careful if you decide to do a BKT, without I was usually able to keep my hair nice for a good 4 days with my other steps.

Here are a few videos I did of me straightening my hair. The first 2 were a few years ago and back then I would either rollerset my hair and flat iron the roots or blowdry as I did in the video. This was before my hair fell out from Mirena and my hair was Super healthy and lovely!

This video I did more recently, this year. This was my first BKT and my hair came out lovely.

But, yes, as I stated above I should have taken better care of my hair. At the time of this video, I had been kinda out of the loop hair-wise and had not been doing my 2x weekly DCing or frequent cowashing. I was attempting to get back into my hair care and had not fully grasped it.

Its really hard to get back on the wagon sometimes when you had fallen off so long ago.

After I did the second BKT and still wasnt taking great care of my hair, she flipped out! She started breaking and then with the MN incedent in Aug she was like fuck this... Im out!


My hair at this time is not as thick, even, or long as it should be or would be. But I need to get myself off of the shoulda woulda coulda...

After giving myself the kick I needed my hair is now very healthy, albeit uneven. I would love to do another BKT in the future just to see what the outcome would be, but I will attempt to keep far away from it until my hair is in tip top condition.

I'm still working on getting back to the magical land of no breakage.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *6*

Thinking Out Loud

  • OMG!! I missed last weeks TOLT! Ahhhh...
  • I am truly in love with crochet braids. 
  • They are just so easy and cute with very little effort.
  • Yes, I did another Mowhawk!!
  • I've been reading a lot lately, glad to be getting back into books again. Or at least trying..
  • I have an issue with procrastination and its really hard to curb it.
  • God, getting back into doing videos is so much freaking work!
  • The holidays are coming! This should be interesting!
  • I totally need a new silk scarf...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hair Diary *5* - Takedown & Wash Day!

My takedown process is quite a long one. It usually takes an entire weekend to complete.

I started out by saturating my hair with a spray bottle full of water and a ton of conditioner. I am using V05 Moisture milk in Passion Fruit Smoothie, but I prefer Suave.

As I unraveled my braids the pieces of hair slid right out as well. I did encounter a few snarls and to counteract I simply sprayed more conditioner and gently pulled the strands apart one by one.

After unraveling I throughly detangled using a shower comb to remove most of the shed hair. I then went over it with my denman to smooth it all out. Each section was braided up afterwards so that they stayed detangled.

I then pre-pooed overnight with suave, and oil and shampooed in the AM with Aussie Moist, off camera.

Next, it was time for a Henna Gloss treatment. I mixed a bunch of conditioners that I didnt like much(along with some I love), along with some safflower oil, honey, and Jamila Henna powder. I let that sit for a few hours with heat for the first hour or so, to let the henna penetrate.

After rinsing the henna I applied a clear rinse, with a little heat for 20 mins.

I rinsed that out and did my final cowash. I then put my hair into a braided bun for a few days, cowashing daily.

Here are a few pics after the fact. I can kinda see the tint and the shine from the henna and the clear rinse. :)

I went ahead and redid my crochet braids as well. I will post pics and stuff for that in the next post.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Keeping up with your Crochet Braids - Video

I recorded this a good 2-3 weeks ago and haven't had the time to edit and upload. I just finished editing and here it is.

I have worn Crochet Braids in the past but that was years ago. I thought it would be good to share my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.

When sleeping, I always wear my satin bonnet. If I don't, I wake up with matts and tangles, which is not cool. If I wear my bonnet every night it greatly reduces the amount of times I need to detangle.

Everyday when I wake up I take off the bonnet, shake the hair out, and fluff into place. If any pieces need to be separated I finger comb them out.

Every few days, I spray my scalp with a conditioner, water, and oil mix. Make sure this throughly dries because it can cause the scalp to mildew. I feel like I have much better access to my scalp with this style as opposed to a sew in or wig. You can use whatever you like on your scalp whether it is a liquid, oil, or cream.

Most of the time I just finger comb and separate the curls to keep them looking nice .Whenever I feel like the curls need to really be detangled I spray with Suave and water and comb out using my denman first and then using a wide tooth comb. The denman clumps the curls and gets rid of snarls and the wide tooth comb separates the curls and fluffs the hair out really pretty.

If I feel any of the knots at the base start to loosen up I pull them taught and go through with my soft hold hairspray. This keeps them in place and I haven't had any pieces fall out that I haven't pulled out myself.

Im thinking I might keep these in for maybe a few more days or till next week. Because of everything thats been going on, my hair is the last thing I should be worried about, I guess. Im going to take them down and let my hair rest for a few days and then re-install. I need to shampoo my scalp, as I have a lot of build up and I need to moisturize. Will post about that when I do.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Breed by Chase Novak - Book Review

Its rare for me to find a book that intrigues me enough to read it through and through in less than a day. Due to the so called great reviews about this book, I did just that.

I began reading with great expectations and high hopes to be terrified and disgusted out of my mind.

Unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed. I expected so much more. The entire time I was reading I was waiting for that climactic moment where the story takes off.

That moment never comes.

-Spoilers Below-

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *5*

Thinking Out Loud

The damage that this storm has done is unreal. I live in NY because I'd rather deal with snow than hurricanes, tornadoes, and the like. Because of global warming those southern climate conditions have shifted north.

The reports of the upcoming storm had been on the news for days. People were told to evacuate. Because the storm last year, Irene, had been overhyped many people did not budge. One guy who lived on the south shore of Staten Island's way of preparing for the storm was taking down Halloween decorations and buying gas and water.

So many people stayed home only to be evacuated later by emergency response. Water up to their waists were their indication to get out, never mind that many houses were literally washed away.

It really bothers me to see that people cant seem to take a valid warning seriously. So much could have been avoided during this storm if people would have listened and evacuated when they had the chance.

I have been following all the news reports, although I was without power and only had the car radio for a good 3 days. Our house still has no power and there are no hopes of it being back on any time soon. Most likely another 2-3 weeks. Because there are just so many people without it makes it even more difficult for the companies to handle it all in the projected time frame.

Because of the power outages, the cell towers are all down. I had to travel a half an hour to get a signal on my phone, which is completely outrageous. Last year we had Irene and we had no power for 6 days, but still it wasnt as bad. Other people had power then, but this year Sandy took almost everyone out!

New Jersey and New York were completely unprepared. Its hard to know what the turn out will be, when this type of storm has never hit this area before, so I get it. Yet still, this is completely crazy. Everything flooded and tons of trees were uprooted!!

After reading this article from the New yorker, I am happy to see that people like Chris Christie can set aside their differences and come together in a time in need. It shows real judgement and perspective. I have a new found respect for Christie. Unlike Romney who cant ever seem to keep a consistent position on any issue. How exactly does a person flip flop the way he does? I have not seen anything like it.

Mitt Romney is out of his mind to think that certain things like FEMA and Medicaid should be run by the state. Doesnt he know that will kill the economy even more? We are still in a bad economy and we need improvement, but it takes a day to knock something down.

It takes much longer to build, than it does to tear down.

8 years of Bush and only 4 years of Obama and we have had a surplus in the budget. Romney with his policies and idiocies will bring us down further than Bush ever did. This disaster just proved how wrong he would be as president.

Being a good business owner does not mean you will be a good president. Especially when you are in business looking only for ways to fatten your own wallet, never mind the people who actually do all the work, the employees.

In my opinion he does not know how to handle a situation like this what so ever. Nor does he take it as serious as he should. He wants to be president just to have had that title. He is not in it for the real reasons, the people.

Here are a few photos of the flooding.... The damage the trees have done are just as bad.

This is Seaside Park NJ.

Battery Tunnel Entrance Manhattan.

Cars submerged in an underground parking garage in the Financial District Manhattan.

Absolutely Insane...

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