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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *3*

Thinking Out Loud

  • I think I want to go BLONDE(ish) for one of my next hairstyles!! :D
  • I like playing with color... and have not worn blond hair yet.
  • I absolutely loves me crochet braids!!
  • So I did my protein treatment, that means next is a Henna treatment!
  • Going to do my henna as soon as I take out the crochet braids.
  • Then, 2 weeks after that I will be doing my clear rinse.
  • I love doing clear rinses over Henna. The henna warms up the color and the rinse gives it that Shine! That Bling!!
  • I want to try kanekalon bulk hair on one of my next crochet braid styles. It looks so natural!
  • I hope that my hair grows out ok, and the damn shedding and BKT breakage issues go away.
  • I went over everything that I did this year and am cutting out all the things that caused problems, so I should be good.
  • Vitamins give me facial hair... eww
  • Eyebrows growing like crazy along with chin hairs... smh.
  • I have to pluck way too often.
  • Do a rollerset after this set of crochet braids!! 
  • Need to do comparison pics to access thinning & growth.

Everything Else
  • Every time I put on foundation I break out. My skin has been looking really good lately from the vits and I hate to mess that up.
  • I need to come up with a method that will keep the acne at bay so I can do makeup like I used to.
  • My skin has a love/hate relationship with Salcylic Acid.
  • I still love Harry Potter! I watch all the films whenever they come on. :)
  • I kind of have a mini crush(ok, a big one) on Daniel Radcliffe... I hate to admit it because of the age difference... lol #pedophile
  • I love Severus Snape !!!
  • TMI but, every time I wear heels I have to stuff cotton under my toenail to keep it from cutting into my skin. Does anyone else have this problem? eww...
  • I have something to announce that I am super excited about. But I have to wait for a little bit, so that everything is in place. :)
  • Since I am kind of a perfectionist, I hate doing things half assed... That may be my best quality but at the same time it could be what stops me from doing and achieving certain things.

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