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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thinking out loud Thursday - TOLT *1*

I thought it would be cool to start a kind of weekly ongoing blog series. Thinking out loud because sometimes things come to mind and they may not be enough to actually write an entire post about. So I will simply create a post every week and collect all of my thoughts into a single random post. 

Sort of like the various random thoughts threads on LHCF. Heres my first set of random thoughts...

Thinking out loud

  • I want to start doing ACV and honey rinses again.
  • I have yet to try Aubrey Organics products. I think I actually might if I can find them sold locally.
  • Its weird that out of all the growth aids I have tried only sulfur oil actually works.
  • I dont think I have ever gotten a full inch a month on sulfur oil though...
  • I will probably be starting back on my vits next week. They definitely make a world of a difference with my overall health. Not just with the hair.
  • I suck at taking good progress pics of my hair
  • French braids(cornrows) and flat twists are going to be my go to styles until the end of the year!
  • Most definitely hopping on the tea and coffee rinse bandwagon!
  • Make Coffee Oil ASAP!!

Everything Else
  • Boy dogs are completely obsessed with me. Whenever I visit my aunts dog sleeps in the bed all cuddled up like hes my man, lol, tries to sit in my lap like hes small, and attack kisses me every chance he gets. He has been madly in love with me since the day we met. Hes huge and obnoxious but I love him and so do the babies.
  • My boys have been sick for the past week. ),: No fun...
  • I love the fact that I can schedule for things to be posted instead of posting a bunch at once or waiting to space them out. I tend to forget when I do that.

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