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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tea and Coffee Rinses

I was doing a little reading on LHCF and was very intrigued by everyone doing tea and coffee rinses. Reading a little more and beginning what would become hours of research, I learned that the caffeine in tea and coffee is wonderful at promoting hair growth!

This has been around for a minute so it may not be anything new to you but the fact that I have not read up on this at all appalls me! How could I have not known about this?? I knew about the benefits for the skin and I actually made a really nice facial moisturizer for my acne prone skin with green tea a little while ago.

Here I was thinking that ladies were doing this for color or some other effect that didn't really interest me. Silly me... As you may know by now from reading my blog, I am a Growth Aid Junkie!!

I mean, I have tried maybe every single growth aid there is! From Vitamins, to Sulfur, to MegaTek, to MN, I think I may have tried them all! Or almost all.. I'm quick to hop on a bandwagon. lol

The fact that this is Coffee and Tea we are talking about here is probably the best part. I said in a previous post that I will not be using any more growth aids... Well I guess I lied.. I'll have to rephrase that...

I wont be using MN or MegaTek again.. At least not for a long time. lol

I think I just might start off doing coffee rinses on each wash day or filling up a spray bottle and spritzing my scalp every day or so.

Since there are studies that show caffeine helps to reduce shedding, this should help to reduce the shedding I have experienced recently. (if its still there)

I am still in my 2 strand twists. They are a week old. I plan on taking them down in the next few days and doing a flat twist style. I have been cowashing my twists every day faithfully and they are looking well. Frizzy but well.

I did a good trim off the ends of each twist to get rid of some of the unevenness and will most likely do another trim again very soon.

I am excited about caffeine though! I am a big coffee in the morning or I cant function type of girl... lol

I am going to attempt to become better at taking pictures regularly so that I can actually document if it helps or not. ;)


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