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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Reflections of a Natural Hair Junkie - Past, Present, and Future

I was reading this thread on LHCF and it kinda go me thinking about how different everything was when I first started my Natural hair growth journey.

I didn't like growing up and not knowing how to take care of my hair. I searched and read everything I possibly could pertaining to proper hair care. The first site that I found that was actually helpful to me was GrowAfroHairLong.com. Link in the side bar. Her crown and glory method was everything back then! I followed it to a T and used it to transition. 2x!

I still do a set of braids or kinky twists at least once a year since 2002 or so.

I then stumbled onto LHCF I believe in 2005 and that was it!

I was a little obsessed with the site, spending hours and hours each day reading and researching and reading some more. Printing out tips and techniques to the point that I had a nice thick booklet full of threads and posts, that I ended up creating a very complex yet simple regimen from.

I researched all the different products that people used and from there became a serious Product Junkie. My cabinet was filled 3 shelves deep with nothing but hair products and tools! People would come to my house just to kidnap things, I guess they figured since I had so much that I wouldn't notice if something went missing... Oh, I noticed!!

The amount of time I spent then on my hair was crazy. The entire weekend was dedicated to my deep conditioning regimen.
I would pre-poo with some suave mixed with honey and evoo for at least 2 hours. Then I would shampoo really well followed by an overnight deep condition with whatever I was using at the time.
The next day I would rinse and style. Usually the style would take me a few hours to do.

Now, I wish I had the energy or motivation to spend so much time on my hair. Its really bad that I am not into my hair as much as I was before. The main reason for that being my hair has not been the same since Mirena.

Since I have started on the vits over the past few months I do have some serious halo hair or as I like to call it baby hair syndrome. Basically I have a TON of baby hairs growing in! Despite the current setback I have going on now I do still see that there is hope for my hair!!

One day, in the near future, it will be just as glorious as it was BM. (before mirena) lol

I have been taking care of it, I have been cowashing every 1-2 days, I have been DCing somewhat regularly.

I feel like I need to step it up! I need to do more and at the same time keep it just as simple as before. I need to give her some serious pampering and attention!! I also need to put her away, because a watched  pot never boils!

I said I wasn't going to do french braids (cornrows) but I'm going to cave. I need a style that I can redo every week. A style that will not put too much tension on my roots or my ends. A style that I don't have to touch aside from spraying a little moisturizer on everyday.

I am determined to overcome all of the setbacks I have had over the past few years. I am determined to get my hair to my ideal length and thickness!

My focus now will no longer be on the length of my hair.

My focus, My goal will be on nourishing those baby hairs so that they grow long and strong! My goal will be to have those full healthy ends I once had. Thick hair from root to tip.

I project that I may be a good 8-10 months away for my goal length of MBL. So from then on I plan on trimming every month or so until the hair thickens up and fills in. I remember being at a point where I had absolutely no breakage. I need to get back to that magical place. Protein & moisture balance is the key.

With health, length and thickness will come. I need to remember that. I love my hair. I love the journey. The time it takes can be frustrating but at the same time it is very rewarding to achieve the goal of something you have spent so much time on.

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