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Friday, October 19, 2012

Preventing a Major Setback and Maintaing Healthy Hair

Sometimes you get a little breakage, but then the breakage never stops. You try this and that to help, but it doesn't.

How do you fix this problem? How do you prevent another setback??

When I begin dealing with any hair issues, if I don't do something about it right away the issue continues and ends up becoming much worse than it started out to be. There are steps that I go through that help me to diagnose and fix any of these issues.

Step 1

Stop! Sit down and think about the issues I have been having and how long they have been going on. Go over all of the things I have been doing to my hair or not doing as well as the products I have been using. Writing these things down will help tremendously.

Step 2

Figure out which things may have been the cause of my hair issues.

Step 3

Come up with new ways to approach the hair. What can I get rid of? What should be replaced? What can I add to my regimen to make it better?

Step 4

Begin implementing those plans! After a while if you are still seeing these issues start over again and see what else you can do to help.

Here's a Scenario

Hair starts feeling weird and breaking, so I look back through everything and realize that the only thing that has changed in my regimen is a new conditioner. I look at the ingredients and see that it is totally full of silicons.

My hair hates too much cones! My solution is to stop using this conditioner completely. I need to get rid of the cones coating the strands of my hair, so I am going to shampoo with a sulfate based shampoo. This will strip the cones from the shaft of my hair and give me a fresh start.

I need to deep condition my hair, so I am going to use something moisturizing but with some protein to help curb the breakage, like Motions CPR or Aphogee reconstructor. I'm going to let that sit overnight so it soaks in really well. I realized that the longer I leave my conditioners in the better my hair feels, and I use heat as well.

Within a few days you should notice a difference in your hair. You have to figure out and know what works for your hair, what your hair likes and doesn't like. Experiment with different types of products. Maybe your hair hates protein. Maybe your hair loves cones.

Figure out what works for you and it will all come very easy.

Be Consistent!! That is the best way to see results and keep seeing them. My issue over the past few years since I cut my hair was consistency. I had so much going on in my life, my hair was the last thing that was on my mind. Thats not good because if things would have been easy enough so I could focus on my hair then I would probably be close to WL by now.

I now have that time. I can focus more on my hair and I am going through that journey again. Figuring out what works for my hair again. Going back and actually watching my old videos and reading my old posts for advice, like I used to read advice from other people.

Its actually very interesting and enlightening. To go back and see where I started and how I got to that high point, is amazing.

When my hair was at its peak I experienced ZERO!! breakage and very few shed hairs.

It takes a lot to get to that point and now I do have very little breakage. Its the shedding that is currently bothering me, which I think is worse than breakage to a certain degree.

Everyone's hair is different. I found that my hair loves protein, so whenever I am experiencing breakage I do a hardcore protein treatment or a reconstructor. This really helps my hair a lot. Keeps it very strong and healthy.

You need to also be able to see ahead of time what your hair needs. You don't want to wait until your hair starts breaking at the ends to do that deep conditioning treatment.

Keeping these things in mind will help prevent many, many setbacks in the future and your hair will grow healthy and long for sure!


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