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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hair Diary *4*

I've had the crochet braids in for a minute but am totally dying to take them out!!

I'm way too impatient.

I still do love the style but I want to change it up. I made the mistake of washing it (a few times) and obviously because this is synthetic hair it has caused it to go a little ratty. I have been cutting the ends out almost daily to try to keep it feeling nice.

It looks fine but it just gets a little more tangled than it probably should or would if I had not have washed the hair.

I really just want to get in there and detangle my hair to see the amount of shedding I have going on.

I also really want to do a good Henna treatment and a Roller set. Once I do those 2 things I think that itch will be gone for the most part and I will put it back up into another set of crochets.

When I take them out I will also do a measurement to see exactly where I am at compared to before.

Here are a few shots of the hair washed and detangled with the denman brush. They clump nicely and after the curls dry I separate with my fingers.

Because its wet, you can see the braids in between. Plus I didn't add as much hair as I should have in the middle, but thats cool with me. I hadn't noticed but since I have been chopping into the hair I can see that it is a little crooked. I'll go back through later and even it out, but it doesn't seem like much reason to if I do decide to take it out within the next few days.

I've had them in for 2 weeks. I said I was going to wear them for a month. I think, I should probably go another week before I take them out.

I shampooed today with my rosemary shampoo and put coffee into my spray bottle with suave conditioner and castor oil. Going to spray my scalp and massage it in a little later.

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