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Monday, October 08, 2012

Hair Diary *2* - Coffee & Twists

After almost 2 days of deep conditoning, I rinsed out my hair. I wore it in a braided ponytail for a little while until I felt like doing my hair.

I meant to run to the BSS to pick up some weave but never made it there. :/ Oh well. I went ahead and did it yesterday without the extensions.

Its a really simple protective style. And, again I tend to do my hair without a mirror. I'm not looking for perfection... I'm looking for protection. :P

After I finished the flat twists, I banded the ends so they wouldnt be so shriveled up. I then rubbed some of my coffee mix in between the parts. I did apply a little more today because my scalp still felt a little dry. I really like the way it feels applied to the scalp.

I am planning on keeping my hair like this for the week and redoing into a similar style. I want to keep up with the weekly braid/twist styles for a little while, they are really easy to manage.

At night I just throw on my satin scarf and when I wake up in the AM the style is still nice and neat.

If and when I redo this I will probably add the extensions so I can do the long twist side ponytail like I wanted. Its not as cute plain like this. :)

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