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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crochet Braids - Pic Heavy!

I'm in L-O-V-E !!!

I finished my crochet braids and am seriously loving how they came out.

I used the FreeTress hair I got, shown in the previous post. Cut it in half and used the mixed color on the bottom and the solid color on top. I cut it so that the highlights on the bottom would peak through.

Damn! I look fly... lol

Here is the process I went through to achieve this look.

I started out by braiding the hair kinda straight back. I did 2 braids where I wanted my part to be and connected them into one single braid.
I got lazy in the middle and braided them a little thicker then they should have been.

The hair I added in going across in rows until the mixed hair was finished.

Here is a shot as I started on the sides.

As I went, I did fill it in a little more than what I have pictured.

I did the pieces a little thicker than I should have in the back. I found that they hold better the thinner the pieces are.
 Almost done!!

Here is where I stopped and started on the video tutorial. Ahhhh!!!

Here I go, all done, no makeup! This is just before I chopped it up into the style! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

 Loving the highlights in the back!!!

 I was seriously feeling myself at this point... Hence the goofy smile.

I love doing new styles like this. I get so freaking bored when I wear my hair one way for too long. This was very refreshing because even though I have worn them before long ago, its so different now. It makes me happy. :D

The curls are really full, bouncy, and light.

And they look great on me! Me luvs big hair!

The tutorial will be posted as soon as I finish editing, as long as my MBP does not give me any shit.


MsLmo98 said...

what Brand and wave pattern type of hair did you use and what color?
I want to do this style asap! You did great.

marcia henderson said...

I love this hair style...I just sent this page and the tutorial to a friend of mine so she can do my hair the same way.

Thanks for the assistance.

Rhonda Griffin said...

i would like to know what style of freetress braids did you buy?

Sweetie Egh said...

She used Cozy Deep. Her video is on YouTube

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