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Monday, October 08, 2012

Coffee Overload Mix #1

Because of this new interest in caffeine for hair of course I made a product with my coffee...

I started out by infusing some Safflower and EVOO with my coffee grounds. I eyeballed the oil and coffee into the crockpot and turned it on. I left it to cook, I guess, for about 5-6 hours.

When I came back I turned off the crockpot and let the mix sit for a good 36 hours covered. I strained the oil and poured it into a bottle.

I kinda felt like it might have been incomplete so I went ahead and used the leftover coffee that I actually still had steeping from yesterdays brew. It was really nice and strong so I simply mixed the 2 together.

Half coffee, half coffee infused oil.

I was thinking about maybe doing an emulsion out of this and I think that would make a good creamy lotion that I could apply to the scalp. But for now I'll just shake it up and use it like that.

The only thing that I dont like about this, is that the coffee oil has that burnt smell. I think the crock pot may have been a little too hot. Its not overwhelming and it does dissipate after a little while. So, no big deal. I can deal with it.

I plan on applying this to my scalp every 1-2 days. Hopefully it does help to reduce my shedding and thicken back up my hair. I'm going to keep track of my progress with this and I may do an actual formula with it in the near future.

It would have been nice if I had a spray top to apply with. I'm going to have to stock up on that when I order more packaging in the future.


Hairitude said...

I still haven't done this lol but I'm prolly gonna wash my hair today and might try it for me and my mom.

oh yea this is Sinceremami by the way lol

Marleyna A said...

Hey girl!! :)

The coffee oil is actually great. It feels like its helping with the shedding really well. If I had to do this mix again I would probably do an emulsion and use a preservative.

Hairitude said...

That's wussup....so what made u mix it with oil??

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