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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Checklist for Full and Healthy Edges, Crown, & Ends

I decided to create a checklist of all the requirements I need to fulfill over the next year.

Firstly, I am going to post my overall rules. Then each rule for each section of my hair. To clarify, the "Crown" will refer to any part of the hair that is not the edges or ends of hair... Does that make sense?

I have stated a few of these already, and much of this may be common knowledge. However, I just wanted to put everything in a single coherent post minus all my rambling.. lol

My current length goals are to make it back to BSL by the end of the year or by Feb 2013, and then make it to MBL by June of 2013.
Hair Rules

  • No Heat until the end of 2013.
  • No BKT, if I do, only 1-2x a year. 
  • Thicken up the ends with frequent trimming and S&D missions.
  • Deep condition 1-2x each week.
  • Do regular Clear Rinses, Henna, and Protein Treatments again. Rinses & Henna 1x a month. Aphogee 2 step every 3-4 months.
  • Start to do regular Tea, Coffee, Honey, and ACV rinses.


  • No more ponytails until edges grow out long and thick enough to fit into holder without gel & pulling too tight.
  • Cut combs out of lace wig and use bobby pins to hold down instead. This way I wont be putting stress on only those areas every day I wear it.
  • Keep moisturized and oiled with castor oil or one of my mixes.

  • Watch how I comb and brush the hair. Be as cautious and gentle as possible to avoid any breakage.
  • Keep braided up(depending on style) to avoid any excessive tangling.
  • Moisturize and seal daily.
  • Allow to dry completely and quickly when daily cowashing.

  • Moisturize and seal daily.
  • Watch my protein moisture balance.
  • Trim once every 1-2 weeks so the ends will even out as they grow out.
  • Detangle with the utmost care to avoid any breakage.
  • Keep ends protected. No "out" styles until goals are reached.

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