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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Vitamin Update

I keep forgetting to update on my vitamins.

Here is a list of what I was taking on a daily basis when I began early this year:

  • Shen Min
  • 5mg Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • 500mg Silica
  • 1300mg Evening Primrose oil
  • Half of a B-100

Since then I have run out of these:

  • Shen-min
  • B-100
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • & just recently Silica
Right now I am on the following:
  • A Prenatal
  • Biotin
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • MSM powder
  • Iron
I do need to stock up on a B-50, but other than that what I am on now is all I really need. I picked up the prenatal to use as my multi. I went into Duane Reade and since they merged with Walgreens all the DR brand items were in crazy clearance! I got a bottle of 220, for $3!! Steal!

I've been very consistent with the vits and because of them I made it to BSL in Apr, when my goal was to make it there in July based on my growth rate. Also, my roots are growing in crazy thick, which is awesome!

I hate that stage when the roots are thicker than the ends. But, I have to get over it and push through. It will grow back.

All I need is time.

ETA: I completely forgot that I added Iron to my vit reggie!! I had been feeling lightheaded a lot and figured it might have been from an iron deficiency, as I have been anemic in the past. Its been a little less than a week and it definitely seems to be helping. 

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