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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hair Diary *4*

I've had the crochet braids in for a minute but am totally dying to take them out!!

I'm way too impatient.

I still do love the style but I want to change it up. I made the mistake of washing it (a few times) and obviously because this is synthetic hair it has caused it to go a little ratty. I have been cutting the ends out almost daily to try to keep it feeling nice.

It looks fine but it just gets a little more tangled than it probably should or would if I had not have washed the hair.

I really just want to get in there and detangle my hair to see the amount of shedding I have going on.

I also really want to do a good Henna treatment and a Roller set. Once I do those 2 things I think that itch will be gone for the most part and I will put it back up into another set of crochets.

When I take them out I will also do a measurement to see exactly where I am at compared to before.

Here are a few shots of the hair washed and detangled with the denman brush. They clump nicely and after the curls dry I separate with my fingers.

Because its wet, you can see the braids in between. Plus I didn't add as much hair as I should have in the middle, but thats cool with me. I hadn't noticed but since I have been chopping into the hair I can see that it is a little crooked. I'll go back through later and even it out, but it doesn't seem like much reason to if I do decide to take it out within the next few days.

I've had them in for 2 weeks. I said I was going to wear them for a month. I think, I should probably go another week before I take them out.

I shampooed today with my rosemary shampoo and put coffee into my spray bottle with suave conditioner and castor oil. Going to spray my scalp and massage it in a little later.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *4*

Thinking Out Loud

  • The Crochet Braids are holding up great, after I hit them with the scissors.
  • With a little neglect because of our loss of Dawnyele over the weekend, I haven't been doing anything to it. I could see how easily matted and tangled it could get.
  • Even though I have not had these in for a month yet, I am itching to take them out and do something different.
  • I get hair bored very fast and very easily.
  • I have been doing the coffee to the scalp and I actually like the way it feels.
  • I ended up tossing the last coffee mix I made. Definitely needed a preservative.

Everything Else
  • My favorite shows playing now are The Voice, Grimm, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and Revolution.
  • Of course The Walking Dead and Homeland are top 2.
  • I am NEVER using MAC foundations again.. After months I got my skin looking great and the second I apply my ProLongwear I look jacked up again...
  • Now working on getting rid of it. Actually not taking pics because of that. It looks really bad.
  • Just got finished reading Breed by Chris Novack... Eehhh... Don't waste your time.
  • I have yet to start reading 50 Shades of Grey... Don't even ask why.
  • I realize that I have a really short attention span.. Not cool. lol
  • I have a problem with people who try to compare one persons situation to someone else's in an attempt to make their point seem valid. Its BS. You cant compare people like that.
  • My nails are holding up great, but I'll need a fill soon 
  • Its very difficult to get back in the swing of things without my friend Dawn around.
  • :(

Monday, October 22, 2012

For Baby Zaylen

Dawnyele Partee's gift list on MyRegistry.com

If you would like to contribute and help out Dawnyele's family the link above will direct you to a registry with everything the baby may need.

I will be sending what I can as I would feel horrible not doing so.

I've known her far too long not to.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

R.I.P. Dawnyele

I'm in tears. I'm in shock.

How could this have happened?

She was one of my first followers when I started youtube. She was one of my first followers when I opened up my twitter account and the same when I recently opened my facebook page.

She was one to comment on each video I posted. She was funny. She was great to talk to. She was a beautiful person, inside and out.

We got to know each other on a personal level and even though we were not extremely close, as I tend to keep a lot of people at a distance for my own reasons, I considered her a real friend. I always thought of her when I posted a video. I always thought of her when I did a new hairstyle.

She was the queen of twist outs! I could never get mine to look as nice as hers.

I never got the chance to meet her face to face but often thought of just taking that long drive, just for a quick visit.

I had actually been thinking of her, wondering if she had the baby yet. I hadnt seen her post on twitter, facebook, or youtube. Come to find out that this is what happened.

In the back of my mind, I keep hoping she is going to pop up with a new video telling us all that this was a publicity stunt.

I'm in utter denial.

But obviously, this is real.

This is life.

This is crazy! And I know some people would think I am out of my mind for crying so hard over someone I never met before, but I didn't need to meet her to know her. She was a true friend. There are always those certain people that you feel connected with. for me she was one of those people.

I started out being her hair inspiration and she ended up being my inspiration. I'm so sad because she will never know that.

I pray that her baby makes it out of this well.

R.I.P Dawnyele

Friday, October 19, 2012

Preventing a Major Setback and Maintaing Healthy Hair

Sometimes you get a little breakage, but then the breakage never stops. You try this and that to help, but it doesn't.

How do you fix this problem? How do you prevent another setback??

When I begin dealing with any hair issues, if I don't do something about it right away the issue continues and ends up becoming much worse than it started out to be. There are steps that I go through that help me to diagnose and fix any of these issues.

Step 1

Stop! Sit down and think about the issues I have been having and how long they have been going on. Go over all of the things I have been doing to my hair or not doing as well as the products I have been using. Writing these things down will help tremendously.

Step 2

Figure out which things may have been the cause of my hair issues.

Step 3

Come up with new ways to approach the hair. What can I get rid of? What should be replaced? What can I add to my regimen to make it better?

Step 4

Begin implementing those plans! After a while if you are still seeing these issues start over again and see what else you can do to help.

Here's a Scenario

Hair starts feeling weird and breaking, so I look back through everything and realize that the only thing that has changed in my regimen is a new conditioner. I look at the ingredients and see that it is totally full of silicons.

My hair hates too much cones! My solution is to stop using this conditioner completely. I need to get rid of the cones coating the strands of my hair, so I am going to shampoo with a sulfate based shampoo. This will strip the cones from the shaft of my hair and give me a fresh start.

I need to deep condition my hair, so I am going to use something moisturizing but with some protein to help curb the breakage, like Motions CPR or Aphogee reconstructor. I'm going to let that sit overnight so it soaks in really well. I realized that the longer I leave my conditioners in the better my hair feels, and I use heat as well.

Within a few days you should notice a difference in your hair. You have to figure out and know what works for your hair, what your hair likes and doesn't like. Experiment with different types of products. Maybe your hair hates protein. Maybe your hair loves cones.

Figure out what works for you and it will all come very easy.

Be Consistent!! That is the best way to see results and keep seeing them. My issue over the past few years since I cut my hair was consistency. I had so much going on in my life, my hair was the last thing that was on my mind. Thats not good because if things would have been easy enough so I could focus on my hair then I would probably be close to WL by now.

I now have that time. I can focus more on my hair and I am going through that journey again. Figuring out what works for my hair again. Going back and actually watching my old videos and reading my old posts for advice, like I used to read advice from other people.

Its actually very interesting and enlightening. To go back and see where I started and how I got to that high point, is amazing.

When my hair was at its peak I experienced ZERO!! breakage and very few shed hairs.

It takes a lot to get to that point and now I do have very little breakage. Its the shedding that is currently bothering me, which I think is worse than breakage to a certain degree.

Everyone's hair is different. I found that my hair loves protein, so whenever I am experiencing breakage I do a hardcore protein treatment or a reconstructor. This really helps my hair a lot. Keeps it very strong and healthy.

You need to also be able to see ahead of time what your hair needs. You don't want to wait until your hair starts breaking at the ends to do that deep conditioning treatment.

Keeping these things in mind will help prevent many, many setbacks in the future and your hair will grow healthy and long for sure!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *3*

Thinking Out Loud

  • I think I want to go BLONDE(ish) for one of my next hairstyles!! :D
  • I like playing with color... and have not worn blond hair yet.
  • I absolutely loves me crochet braids!!
  • So I did my protein treatment, that means next is a Henna treatment!
  • Going to do my henna as soon as I take out the crochet braids.
  • Then, 2 weeks after that I will be doing my clear rinse.
  • I love doing clear rinses over Henna. The henna warms up the color and the rinse gives it that Shine! That Bling!!
  • I want to try kanekalon bulk hair on one of my next crochet braid styles. It looks so natural!
  • I hope that my hair grows out ok, and the damn shedding and BKT breakage issues go away.
  • I went over everything that I did this year and am cutting out all the things that caused problems, so I should be good.
  • Vitamins give me facial hair... eww
  • Eyebrows growing like crazy along with chin hairs... smh.
  • I have to pluck way too often.
  • Do a rollerset after this set of crochet braids!! 
  • Need to do comparison pics to access thinning & growth.

Everything Else
  • Every time I put on foundation I break out. My skin has been looking really good lately from the vits and I hate to mess that up.
  • I need to come up with a method that will keep the acne at bay so I can do makeup like I used to.
  • My skin has a love/hate relationship with Salcylic Acid.
  • I still love Harry Potter! I watch all the films whenever they come on. :)
  • I kind of have a mini crush(ok, a big one) on Daniel Radcliffe... I hate to admit it because of the age difference... lol #pedophile
  • I love Severus Snape !!!
  • TMI but, every time I wear heels I have to stuff cotton under my toenail to keep it from cutting into my skin. Does anyone else have this problem? eww...
  • I have something to announce that I am super excited about. But I have to wait for a little bit, so that everything is in place. :)
  • Since I am kind of a perfectionist, I hate doing things half assed... That may be my best quality but at the same time it could be what stops me from doing and achieving certain things.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Vitamin Update

I keep forgetting to update on my vitamins.

Here is a list of what I was taking on a daily basis when I began early this year:

  • Shen Min
  • 5mg Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • 500mg Silica
  • 1300mg Evening Primrose oil
  • Half of a B-100

Since then I have run out of these:

  • Shen-min
  • B-100
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • & just recently Silica
Right now I am on the following:
  • A Prenatal
  • Biotin
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • MSM powder
  • Iron
I do need to stock up on a B-50, but other than that what I am on now is all I really need. I picked up the prenatal to use as my multi. I went into Duane Reade and since they merged with Walgreens all the DR brand items were in crazy clearance! I got a bottle of 220, for $3!! Steal!

I've been very consistent with the vits and because of them I made it to BSL in Apr, when my goal was to make it there in July based on my growth rate. Also, my roots are growing in crazy thick, which is awesome!

I hate that stage when the roots are thicker than the ends. But, I have to get over it and push through. It will grow back.

All I need is time.

ETA: I completely forgot that I added Iron to my vit reggie!! I had been feeling lightheaded a lot and figured it might have been from an iron deficiency, as I have been anemic in the past. Its been a little less than a week and it definitely seems to be helping. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FOTD - Rite Frost

This look is very simple, and I love it. This lipstick is one of my all time favorites. Kinda similar to the look I did for the pics I posted yesterday, but not really. The other was just kinda thrown together, no shadow, just the big bounce.
I should have filled in my brows and put on some blush, but whatever.. I need to cool it on the foundation because it makes me break out, but I needed it for the pics. :)

MAC The Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Forgery- Lid & Inner Corner
ELF Neutral pallete - outer corner & crease
Sephora Cream Eyeliner
The Falsies mascara

MAC Purple Rite LE

MAC Pro Longwear NC45

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crochet Braids - Tutorial

Here is my quick rambling video of how I attached my crochet braids. Here I have the majority of it already applied. Pictures in the previous post to see what the entire process looks like.


Crochet Braids - Pic Heavy!

I'm in L-O-V-E !!!

I finished my crochet braids and am seriously loving how they came out.

I used the FreeTress hair I got, shown in the previous post. Cut it in half and used the mixed color on the bottom and the solid color on top. I cut it so that the highlights on the bottom would peak through.

Damn! I look fly... lol

Here is the process I went through to achieve this look.

I started out by braiding the hair kinda straight back. I did 2 braids where I wanted my part to be and connected them into one single braid.
I got lazy in the middle and braided them a little thicker then they should have been.

The hair I added in going across in rows until the mixed hair was finished.

Here is a shot as I started on the sides.

As I went, I did fill it in a little more than what I have pictured.

I did the pieces a little thicker than I should have in the back. I found that they hold better the thinner the pieces are.
 Almost done!!

Here is where I stopped and started on the video tutorial. Ahhhh!!!

Here I go, all done, no makeup! This is just before I chopped it up into the style! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

 Loving the highlights in the back!!!

 I was seriously feeling myself at this point... Hence the goofy smile.

I love doing new styles like this. I get so freaking bored when I wear my hair one way for too long. This was very refreshing because even though I have worn them before long ago, its so different now. It makes me happy. :D

The curls are really full, bouncy, and light.

And they look great on me! Me luvs big hair!

The tutorial will be posted as soon as I finish editing, as long as my MBP does not give me any shit.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thinking out loud Thursday - TOLT *2*

Thinking Out Loud

  • I want a new Flexi8 clip. I lost all the others I had. :( I used to love those things.
  • I'm thinking instead of doing all the rinses separate, combine them all! Tea, Honey, ACV, and a little Ayurvedic powders mixed together to make a great rinse that I can use after DCing.
  • I have some serious Hair Anorexia going on currently. Me no likey...
  • The Baby Hair Syndrome makes the ends of my hair look and feel 10x thinner than they may really be.
  • But I am happy to have the baby hair because that means that all the hair that fell out from Mirena is finally growing back!! Thanks to the Vits!!
  • Buy a Heutiful Hair steamer (or knock off similar to) in the near future!
  • I'm thinking Crochet braids will be my next couple protective styles. 
  • With some nice curly bulk hair that should look awesome!
  • I actually have no issues with smelling like burnt coffee! Strange as that may seem.
  • My coffee mix seems to be helping, although it may be a little early, when I detangled it seemed less hair fell out.
  • I'm doing very small slight trims for now and then 8 months from now I plan on doing 1/2-1" cuts monthly until the ends thicken backup the way I want them too.
  • I think its weird that my hair has broken at the ends more from the BKT than they ever have from a relaxer.

Everything Else
  • I will never understand why some people lie and try to make things seem like it is so much more than it really is. Just be honest and be real with yourself, because in the end you will reap what you sow. 
  • I have a problem with the fact that I have been claiming "single" for a good 6+ years now and I have not met one single man who really makes me want to upgrade that status...
  • Last weekend was so full of drama it was ridiculous hopefully this weekend is better.
  • I totally gave myself a self induced freak out at the expense of my children's father... SMH Hilarious story!! I would totally post if anyone wanted to hear about it.
  • Throwback picture above!! Oh snap!!
  • I'm going to start reading the 50 shades of grey series. Staring at the book as I type..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Got my nails did!

I have only had my nails done professionally done maybe 4 times in my life.

I love doing them on my own. I love the creativity and technique involved, especially with sculpting and pink & whites. Every once in a while I like to go to the salon just so I can see different techniques.

This time I went, I was amazed. The guy who did my nails did them so fast and they didnt even have to be filed after the fact! He used a size 22 brush and one ball of sheer pink L&P and covered the entire nail evenly. I wanted the french tips to be painted on so that I can change it up whenever I am ready.

I left a very happy camper.

When I got home, I threw a multi colored glitter on top!! Awesomeness!!!! lol

 I did smudge the shit out of my middle finger on my right hand. But its cool. I can fix it later when I feel like it. :)

Hair Diary *3* - Twists & Haul

Using my coffee mix daily, still smelling like burnt coffee. :D

Cant say I don't like it...

I thought I would wear a twist out yesterday. I wanted to make sure that my hair was nice and moisturized before I unraveled my twists, so, I applied the moisturizing cream that I made from this post to my twists. When its not properly moisturized I get breakage and crazy frizz. My hair doesn't really do well with out styles, which is why I hardly wear twist outs and braid outs.

When I unraveled, after letting my moisturizer settle in, aside from the ends not coming out too great, the rest was so frizzy, there was no way that I would have been ok wearing it out. I threw a ouchless band on and folded the ends under so they would be protected somewhat.

It actually looked really good once I became comfortable. The only problem is that it was not exactly moisturized to my liking. I would have loved to wear this another day or so but I had to wash it out.

No clue whats going on with the fuzz ball in the middle... lol

 See, the curls at the top came out great, but the ends look like crap. No, bueno.

I went to the BSS yesterday and picked up some hair for my next style as well as a bonnet, a new deep conditioner, and a Clear Rinse.

 I got this rinse because it reminds me of the one I used to use way back in the day. I have not been able to find the old one anywhere. Hopefully this one works just as good.

The hair is FreeTress- Cozy Deep 20"
I got 2 packs color #4 and 2 packs color #4/30

I love the mixed color packs and I think I know exactly what I am going to do with this. If I can I will do a video as well. Im trying to be as accountable as possible with the blog. Youtube can be a little more difficult though.

Yup! TOLT tomorrow!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Coffee Overload Mix #1

Because of this new interest in caffeine for hair of course I made a product with my coffee...

I started out by infusing some Safflower and EVOO with my coffee grounds. I eyeballed the oil and coffee into the crockpot and turned it on. I left it to cook, I guess, for about 5-6 hours.

When I came back I turned off the crockpot and let the mix sit for a good 36 hours covered. I strained the oil and poured it into a bottle.

I kinda felt like it might have been incomplete so I went ahead and used the leftover coffee that I actually still had steeping from yesterdays brew. It was really nice and strong so I simply mixed the 2 together.

Half coffee, half coffee infused oil.

I was thinking about maybe doing an emulsion out of this and I think that would make a good creamy lotion that I could apply to the scalp. But for now I'll just shake it up and use it like that.

The only thing that I dont like about this, is that the coffee oil has that burnt smell. I think the crock pot may have been a little too hot. Its not overwhelming and it does dissipate after a little while. So, no big deal. I can deal with it.

I plan on applying this to my scalp every 1-2 days. Hopefully it does help to reduce my shedding and thicken back up my hair. I'm going to keep track of my progress with this and I may do an actual formula with it in the near future.

It would have been nice if I had a spray top to apply with. I'm going to have to stock up on that when I order more packaging in the future.

Hair Diary *2* - Coffee & Twists

After almost 2 days of deep conditoning, I rinsed out my hair. I wore it in a braided ponytail for a little while until I felt like doing my hair.

I meant to run to the BSS to pick up some weave but never made it there. :/ Oh well. I went ahead and did it yesterday without the extensions.

Its a really simple protective style. And, again I tend to do my hair without a mirror. I'm not looking for perfection... I'm looking for protection. :P

After I finished the flat twists, I banded the ends so they wouldnt be so shriveled up. I then rubbed some of my coffee mix in between the parts. I did apply a little more today because my scalp still felt a little dry. I really like the way it feels applied to the scalp.

I am planning on keeping my hair like this for the week and redoing into a similar style. I want to keep up with the weekly braid/twist styles for a little while, they are really easy to manage.

At night I just throw on my satin scarf and when I wake up in the AM the style is still nice and neat.

If and when I redo this I will probably add the extensions so I can do the long twist side ponytail like I wanted. Its not as cute plain like this. :)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Hair Diary *1*

I also decided to post every single time I do something to my hair.

Accountability people!! Accountability!!!!

I have been cowashing my hair daily all week and spraying with StaSofFro for moisture. It has been good for my hair. Although a few of my ends did feel a little dry. I did not notice any breakage so its all good. I should have applied some evoo to the ends.

On Wed, I did another small trim to nip away some single strand knots and split ends. I then unraveled my twists and briefly wore a twistout while I was out. When I got home I got to work!

I rinsed, applied a little coconut suave and detangled in the shower. I then shampooed with my tea tree and rosemary shampoo.

I towel dried and then did an ApHogee 2step treatment. Blow dried until hard and crispy. ;)

Heres a shot of the hair after I rinsed out the ApHogee. :)

Next I slapped on my deep conditioner mix, threw on a shower cap(read: plastic bag...) for an overnight DC. I put a towel in the dryer for a little heat in the mix.

God I miss my Ion soft bonnet dryer... I wish they still made them. :,(

I could use a Hair Steamer though. Havent taken that plunge just yet, but just might in the near future. I'm sure it makes a world of a difference.

My DC mix consisted of:
Lekairs Cholesterol Plus (Staple!!)
Suave Shea & Almond
Salon Care Cholesterol (not that great)
Grapeseed and Safflower oil
A Ton of Honey

This is so moisturizing! I find it best when you have a conditioner that is not really performing as good as it could, throw in a little honey and oil and it should be much, much better.

Here's some more hair porn for you!
I deep condition in 5 sections. I have done it this way for years now. God my braids are so skinny.. In my eyes at least. :/

 A good 1 1/2" away from BSL.

Here I go with my "shower cap" and scarf ready to go to bed! LOL


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