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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pink Vitamin cream...

I whipped up a scalp cream last night. Was completely bored and decided to explore my creative process at 3am... I didnt do any real exact measurements so this will be just a little experiment of mine.

The base ingredients are nothing spectacular, but its the additional stuff that really matters.

I wanted it to be a thick cream so I did a 75% oils, 25% water. I used half hydrogenated soybean oil and half soft oils- Safflower, Hazelnut, Grapeseed, and Castor oils.

In the water, I dissolved some MSM powder, about 10% of the entire mixture. I used a couple of different emulsifiers to get a really nice feel and consistency, no need to name them, unless you would like to know... ;)

I did add a little IPM to cut down on the greasy feel from the HSO. The colorant was a glycerine based pigment. It was actually purple in the bottle, but when heated up and mixed in, it turned a bright pink! How fun... I'm not all that turned on by colorant in my products, but I just wanted to add a little something extra.

Finally I threw in a couple capsules of Biotin and EPO. This particular biotin I used is actually a liquid gelcap. No powder inside. It was actually perfect because is was a last minute inclusion, otherwise it would not have dissolved in. I added these to the cool down stage.

After I whipped it up really good, I threw it into 2, 4oz jars and popped them into the refrigerator. I do think I might have added too much colorant, but its ok because I will be the only one using this.

I did a mix similar to this a while ago, but I used regular sulfur powder and EPO. The base was mango and shea butter instead of HSO, and also I did not do an emulsion. That one was good, but the problem was that sulfur tends to give me sinus headaches at any concentration. This particular MSM by Jarrow actually doesn't surprisingly. I would love to throw in some peppermint and rosemary EO but I think that might be doing a little too much..

Again, this is just for experimentation. And while I'm in the mood to make things I should probably do a new moisturizer as well to add to my product list. One thats a little more creamy... I love how it looks like cake batter or frosting... Is that weird?? lol

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