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Friday, September 21, 2012

Minitwists & Progress!!! Or lack thereof...

Last night I did a set of minis. They started off as braids but as I got increasingly frustrated with the way it looked they then somehow morphed into mini twists!

I did a quick measurement before I started on my hair.

The front measured at 14", so I basically am at the same length as I was in April. Ok.. I can deal with that...

The middle was about the same, just a little thinned out.

The back was a little all over the place. There were a few short pieces, a few long pieces, and everything in between... When I combed it all together it measured at 13.5"


Heres a shot kinda showing what I am talking about. Around the perimeter, back and front, I have these pieces with nice roots and ends which taper off into nothingness. I'm going to end up clipping all of that  off, no real reason to hold on to them.

Heres a shot of the back. The bottom 3 rows are braided and from there, the rest is all twisted. Dont mind the messiness, I do my hair without a mirror. I dont really care about perfect parts, but it would be much better for it all to have that brick layer pattern. Notice how large the parts are and how thin the braids are. Ughh...

 These 2 shots just basically show the way the hair has thinned. These are more so towards the middle.

 Here is the final product right after I finished. I like to twist dry and cowash when I'm done so they hang nicely and the ends curl up. The bottom 2 pics are after cowashing, as well as the pic at the top of the post.

I'll wear these for a little while, until I get tired. Obviously, because they are twisted up there is a little shrinkage, but detangled and stretched I am about an inch above BSL according to this bra which is a tiny bit low on me. I am exactly at BSB otherwise, so that is what I will claim.

Goal wise, I did make my goals for this year. Hopefully the hair does not continue to fall out and I will be back at BSL by the end of this year. My goal for MBL will obviously have to be pushed back a few months.

For my challenges, I want to continue both the Protective Style challenge, as well as the No Heat challenge into 2013.

I am thinking a 6 month of Protective Styles and No Heat until the end of the year.

My main goal from now into 2013 will be to thicken my hair back up. No growth aids and also I will be making my own products. No more commercial products aside from suave and a few deep conditioners. Making my own products is so much fun and I really appreciate the work and knowledge that goes into making something and then making it better.

So those are my goals for next year..

  • No Heat
  • Protective styles
  • Thicken the hair back up(again..)
  • Make and use only my own products for hair and body

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