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Monday, September 17, 2012

Growth Aids and Hairloss - MN & Mega-tek

Last week, I took down my hair from the braids I wore for 2 weeks under my lace wig. Upon cowashing and detangling my hair began to shed profusely.

I have been wearing my hair up for at least the past two months now and I guess because of that I haven't really noticed the shedding. During the past month I have been applying a generic MN cream to my scalp.

I have used Miconazole Nitrate in the past with success, BUT it was a different type and a brand that we all know, Monistat. This time I used a generic antifungal for the skin. Having never used this before I knew it was going to be a bit of an experiment. I thought it was best to use it for a month only at first to see how my hair reacted to it.

Again, I did not notice the shedding in the beginning. If I would have, I would have went ahead a stopped usage right then and there. Plus, the fact that my hair was put away for most of that time, I didnt see any real problems.

When I saw the shedding the other day, obviously I freaked out... lol. This is the usual initial reaction with me. But then, I began to try and come up with every possible reason why my hair would be shedding the way that it had.

This is the 3rd time I have had to deal with severe shedding in my life. The first 2 times were due to usage of birth control and Mega-tek. Some people can use these products and be fine, but me.. Nope. My body completely rejects any and every type of birth control. And I am not just speaking on hair loss...

The mega-tek has been known to cause shedding and apparently for some, it stops after a while. I gave it a chance on multiple occasions, because I wanted it to work. I did see that 1" each month I used it, but the shedding was just too much. I couldnt deal, and it never slowed or stopped for me.

At this time the only things that I can think of that could have been causing this hair loss are as follows:

  • Off brand MN cream (most likely)
  • Stress
  • Use of BKT earlier in the year
  • Vitamins?(not likely)
The reason why I added the BKT to the list was because a few months after I did my last BKT, I did notice breakage on the ends of my hair. Soooooo...... I did a little experiment, I stopped everything. I stopped the vitamins, the MN, and I washed my scalp 2 days in a row to completely cleanse any leftover traces of the MN. I used a peppermint and rosemary shampoo, which has a wonderful soothing & cooling effect. Love that stuff. It works great for clarifying.

Then, I sat and watched. I saved all the hair from each day I detangled for comparison.

I have not measured my entire head for this quarter and although I made great progress, I do believe that this setback has pushed me above BSL. 

I can claim APL still, but since only a few strands still reach BSL... done deal...

Oh well..

The first and largest ball of hair is the 2 week hairloss - 14 days of shedding.
Ball number 2 is the amount I lost the very next day. - 1 day of shedding.
Ball number 3 is the amount I lost on the 3 day. - 2 days of shedding.

It is shedding less and less each day. I did notice that the more often I cowashed the less my hair shed as well, so I have been avidly cowashing every 1-2 days.

I have been wearing my hair in a banded or braided ponytail, shown below.
I need to do a style that will last me a while, but only with my natural hair. I need to be able to see what is going on at all times. I was thinking of doing weekly french braids, but those are kind of out of style right now...

So I think I am going to go with some more mini twists or mini braids. The braids do hold much better than the twists do when washing so I think that may be the better choice.

Will post pics when I'm done!!! :)

And as of now, I will not be using any more growth aides. Vitamins, yes. But thats it...
My hair is still shedding, but it has slowed down a lot. Once it stops, I will start back up on my vits.

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