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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation / Hiatus & Update


You may have noticed that I did not post anything on the blog for a few weeks. Being a blogger or someone who spends the majority of my time on the internet, I felt like I really needed a break.

One day, I closed my laptop and put it in the corner and havent looked at it till today. Sometimes, its good to take a little time off to get your thoughts together.

We went on vacation and got the chance to visit family in Maryland. Had a great time! My son went fishing with his Great Grandfather and the guys. I'm so proud of him!! He did so well! Caught at least 10 fish!

We went to the water park, had a BBQ. It was awesome!

When we got home, I freaked out because I thought my lace wig got thrown in the garbage...
I did find it and all is well.

My hair has been in the phony pony, except for a few days where I wore 2-strand flat twists in the front and a wash & go in the back. I slacked big time on using MN everyday and I think it may be causing a little shedding.

Other than that its all good.

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