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Friday, August 03, 2012

To Gabby Douglas

@gabrielledoug is AMAZING in Every Way!!!!

It is absolutely amazing to me what this young girl is doing. The first AA femalr gymnast of America to win the GOLD!!!

How can you not love this young lady??

What I do not understand is why when people see someone doing very well they find anything they can to try to tear them down. 

What gymnast do you know has perfect hair after hours of strenuous activity??
Hell, you dont want to see a pic of me after an hour at the gym...

Lets focus on the positive and lift this girl up higher and support her as much as possible. She is an amazing and beautiful young lady who has achieved so much. She is in a place millions of others want to be.

Gabby, sweety, I wish you continued success and as many golds as your neck can hold.

Keep doing what your doing because no one else can compete with the GOLD baby!

1 comment:

Queen said...

It irritates me when people don't want to acknowledge the talent of others. They want to talk about stupid things like hair, yet not near one of them can do a cartwheel let alone a jumping jack. smh people need to stop the ignorance and give Gabby her overdue respects.

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