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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ran out of Shen Min

When I started back on my vits (for the 90 millionth time) I picked up a bottle of Shen Min- Hair, Skin, and Nails multi vitamin.

I have been taking it daily the entire time and I have finally run out. Although I do believe it is great to have a multi as a part of your vitamin regimen, but I don't think I am going to be purchasing another bottle.

Of all the vitamins I have taken, the Shen Min has maybe given me the least benefit. First of all the cost. Yes, I am a little cheap but I think I paid over $30 for this one little bottle... If I am paying that for one item I would hope to see significant results from it.
I'm not exactly saying that it did absolutely nothing, just that the results that I have seen would have been seen regardless because of the other vits I'm taking.

So now I am down to Biotin, EPO, B-50, and Silica. 

I also ran out of my pantothenic acid, which I will be restocking up on.

If I feel like I need another Multi, I may try Centrum or a generic and see how that works out.

I found the Shen Min for way less than I paid at folica. Now I'm kicking myself.. lol (pictured at the top)

The benefits I have noticed:

  • First my hair is thickening up strand by strand. I want to do a video to show how well my hair is thickening up.
  • My nails are growing like crazy and are super strong.
  • Getting back on the EPO my hormonal acne is clearing back up.
  • I have chin hairs like crazy and have to pluck those as well as my brows at least once a week...

For me, I have noticed that some vits like the EPO need to be taken consistently for a while before I see the benefits. My hormonal acne doesnt clear until the second month after I start. But I can say that the cramps and heavy cycles were gone almost immediately. God, I love that stuff...

Cant live without my Evening Primrose Oil.

Vitamin nut for life!

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