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Friday, August 24, 2012

Modified Master / Juice Cleanse

So every few months I like to do a little master -or- juice cleanse.

I started this master cleanse the day before yesterday and its going very well. Finding supplies was horrible! I went to 4 different grocery stores and NOT ONE of them had grade B maple syrup. I finally settled for a good organic grade A bottle.

On day 2 of the full blown master cleanse, I did the SWF first thing in the morning. I have been very good about drinking the lemonade often so I don't feel hungry. I have been trying to distance my self from food and have been very good about it this time around.

Problem is I cant keep this going for the full 10 days like I would like to do.

I'm supposed to be going out to eat tomorrow night as well as Sunday, but hopefully I don't go crazy. 3 days of the cleanse is not bad in my opinion. Although I do wish I could go longer, its just not really practical with my social agenda.

I am going to try to continue with a juice fast after this weekend is over for a good 3 more days or until I feel like quitting. I grabbed a bunch of fruits and veggies to do that with.

One day... Oh, one day I will finish a full Master Cleanse!! lol

I'm going to try to get in 2 more SWFs before this short MC is over. One tonight and another in the AM. I haven't done the Smooth Move this time around. I hate the way it makes my stomach feel. Crazy cramps.

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