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Friday, August 24, 2012

Modified Master / Juice Cleanse

So every few months I like to do a little master -or- juice cleanse.

I started this master cleanse the day before yesterday and its going very well. Finding supplies was horrible! I went to 4 different grocery stores and NOT ONE of them had grade B maple syrup. I finally settled for a good organic grade A bottle.

On day 2 of the full blown master cleanse, I did the SWF first thing in the morning. I have been very good about drinking the lemonade often so I don't feel hungry. I have been trying to distance my self from food and have been very good about it this time around.

Problem is I cant keep this going for the full 10 days like I would like to do.

I'm supposed to be going out to eat tomorrow night as well as Sunday, but hopefully I don't go crazy. 3 days of the cleanse is not bad in my opinion. Although I do wish I could go longer, its just not really practical with my social agenda.

I am going to try to continue with a juice fast after this weekend is over for a good 3 more days or until I feel like quitting. I grabbed a bunch of fruits and veggies to do that with.

One day... Oh, one day I will finish a full Master Cleanse!! lol

I'm going to try to get in 2 more SWFs before this short MC is over. One tonight and another in the AM. I haven't done the Smooth Move this time around. I hate the way it makes my stomach feel. Crazy cramps.


I have been wearing my hair in the baggy ponytail, as you may know, for a few weeks now, maybe a month. Sometimes its good to change it up, so I threw some twists in the front!

Here are a few shots!

Seriously need some eyeliner in this pic. My eyes look crazy huge! But you get the idea...

These are from last week and I will be taking my hair out today or tomorrow and going back to my lace wig for a little while.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation / Hiatus & Update


You may have noticed that I did not post anything on the blog for a few weeks. Being a blogger or someone who spends the majority of my time on the internet, I felt like I really needed a break.

One day, I closed my laptop and put it in the corner and havent looked at it till today. Sometimes, its good to take a little time off to get your thoughts together.

We went on vacation and got the chance to visit family in Maryland. Had a great time! My son went fishing with his Great Grandfather and the guys. I'm so proud of him!! He did so well! Caught at least 10 fish!

We went to the water park, had a BBQ. It was awesome!

When we got home, I freaked out because I thought my lace wig got thrown in the garbage...
I did find it and all is well.

My hair has been in the phony pony, except for a few days where I wore 2-strand flat twists in the front and a wash & go in the back. I slacked big time on using MN everyday and I think it may be causing a little shedding.

Other than that its all good.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Super Congrats to Sanya Richards-Ross!!!!

She looks awesome in this shot!

Congrats!!! @DTrott400m for taking the Bronze!

And Super Congrats to @SanyaRichiRoss for taking the GOLD in the 400m!!!

#TeamUSA !!!

Friday, August 03, 2012

To Gabby Douglas

@gabrielledoug is AMAZING in Every Way!!!!

It is absolutely amazing to me what this young girl is doing. The first AA femalr gymnast of America to win the GOLD!!!

How can you not love this young lady??

What I do not understand is why when people see someone doing very well they find anything they can to try to tear them down. 

What gymnast do you know has perfect hair after hours of strenuous activity??
Hell, you dont want to see a pic of me after an hour at the gym...

Lets focus on the positive and lift this girl up higher and support her as much as possible. She is an amazing and beautiful young lady who has achieved so much. She is in a place millions of others want to be.

Gabby, sweety, I wish you continued success and as many golds as your neck can hold.

Keep doing what your doing because no one else can compete with the GOLD baby!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ran out of Shen Min

When I started back on my vits (for the 90 millionth time) I picked up a bottle of Shen Min- Hair, Skin, and Nails multi vitamin.

I have been taking it daily the entire time and I have finally run out. Although I do believe it is great to have a multi as a part of your vitamin regimen, but I don't think I am going to be purchasing another bottle.

Of all the vitamins I have taken, the Shen Min has maybe given me the least benefit. First of all the cost. Yes, I am a little cheap but I think I paid over $30 for this one little bottle... If I am paying that for one item I would hope to see significant results from it.
I'm not exactly saying that it did absolutely nothing, just that the results that I have seen would have been seen regardless because of the other vits I'm taking.

So now I am down to Biotin, EPO, B-50, and Silica. 

I also ran out of my pantothenic acid, which I will be restocking up on.

If I feel like I need another Multi, I may try Centrum or a generic and see how that works out.

I found the Shen Min for way less than I paid at folica. Now I'm kicking myself.. lol (pictured at the top)

The benefits I have noticed:

  • First my hair is thickening up strand by strand. I want to do a video to show how well my hair is thickening up.
  • My nails are growing like crazy and are super strong.
  • Getting back on the EPO my hormonal acne is clearing back up.
  • I have chin hairs like crazy and have to pluck those as well as my brows at least once a week...

For me, I have noticed that some vits like the EPO need to be taken consistently for a while before I see the benefits. My hormonal acne doesnt clear until the second month after I start. But I can say that the cramps and heavy cycles were gone almost immediately. God, I love that stuff...

Cant live without my Evening Primrose Oil.

Vitamin nut for life!

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