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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So I couldnt hold back.

I did a quick length check of just my bangs to satisfy myself. Mostly because I started back on MN, I wanted a reference to start with.

Last time I did a length check at the end of Apr. Lets just say it was in May, but I was at 13.5" all over. I did a trim so lets just cut it down to 13". Then I had a minor setback, just a little breakage on the ends from over use of the BKT. IDK the exact measurement after that.

So 13" at the end of Apr. Its now the end of July so that should be a good 1.5" of growth right, give or take from the little setback. So, 14.5" is where I should be, correct?

Well as of July 31st, my bangs are 14.5" long!!!!

Ahhh!! Right on track!

And again, I do like to subtract a half inch to count for trims & setbacks, so lets just call it 14".

Here are my Bangs!

I dont think I can call them bangs anymore at this point...

But, Yay! I'm almost to my goal! The back is actually touching the bottom of my brastrap. Another 2"(4 months or so) I will be at MBL.

Then the only thing I will have to worry about is working on thickening my hair back up.

I will worry about that when I get to that point. But for now I will continue with my baggy ponytail, twists, and MN.

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