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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shades for the Summer

A little while ago I ran to Neimen Marcus to grab a pair of shades. I cant stand being in the sun without shades, especially while driving. It hurts my eyes!! Ahhh!! It burns!! :P

Its good idea to wear shades whenever you are in the sun. By keeping your eyes protected you are preventing any wrinkles and sun damage you would normally get over time without it.

Squinting es no bueno, as is sun damage.

When buying shades, I refuse to do the cheapies because I break them after one use most of the time. The more expensive ones do keep up much better, and they usually come with a nice case which is also great! So I browsed through and found 2 that I really liked.

My favorite are the Burberry ones. So cute! I have a thing for hearts so of course I had to grab them when I saw them. Plus, they were on sale.
The Ralph's are great because they have the blue tint to them, which is my fave color of course. They are a little too big for my face but, no biggie, I can deal.

I have had these shades for about 2 months with daily wear and they are still like new. ♥♥


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