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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Salmon Jambalaya for the 4th of July!!

Yesterday was the 4th! Yay fireworks!!


Of course I cooked for the holiday! It just wouldn't be right if I didn't!!

I made this amazing Salmon Jambalaya and thought it would be awesome to share it with my readers. :)
I really love seafood and if you are a fish person like me you will love this! You can make this as spicy(or not) as you like. Me loves it spicy! The more the better.

One thing you may notice is that I do not really measure when I am cooking. Everyone has different taste buds and food can also be stronger or milder depending on the season. Here I used 3 jalapenos because they were very mild in flavor. If you have really spicy jalapenos, then surely you would not use 3 of them, correct? :)

I prepped by roughly chopping my veggies. Here we have an onion, 3 jalapenos, scallions, green peppers, and cilantro, from left to right. I would have also added celery and red peppers but forgot them at the grocery store. You can always use what you have and modify, but the cilantro is absolutely necessary!

I then chopped 2 salmon fillets into big chunks. I used 4 Chorizo sausages chopped up but Andouille is recommended if you can find it. I also have a few handfuls of shrimp under there shelled and de-veined.

Now would be the time to start your rice so that it will be finished once you are done with everything else. It is best to use white rice since it does not take away from the flavors in the dish.

I added a couple tablespoons of EVOO to the pan and preheated, then threw in all the veggies I chopped up.

 After that cooked for a few minutes I added my spices. Here I have salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, red pepper flakes, cumin, thyme, and rosemary. I also added some minced garlic and artichoke hearts.

 Let that cook down some more and tossed in my seafood, minus the shrimp. I covered this and let it cook another few minutes.

 Almost done!! I added a can of diced tomatoes and some sugar to taste.

 Cover this bad boy and let sit for at least 10 minutes on simmer so that the flavors can soak in. Make sure to stir so that it does not stick to the bottom.

Last but not least, toss the shrimp on top and cover. At this point you can turn off your fire. You don't want to over cook your shrimp, do you?

 I went ahead and plated it in a serving dish ready to go! I don't like to mix my rice in until its in my plate. But that's just me! Plus I think it gives a prettier presentation.

Looks great right? It really did taste amazing and everyone loved it!

I love making people happy with food. ;)

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