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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Removing Acrylic Nails

I have been removing my acrylics one by one over the past few days so that I could practice more with the NSI Spa odorless system. I realized that I didn't really give myself enough time to get used to it before I decided I didn't like it. As difficult as I find this to use I could get used to it. I had to remind myself how bad and strong traditional acrylic smells. 

I find traditional acrylics much easier to work with. I caught on the those very fast. Getting the ratios right were a no brainer for me. As I work with the odorless more and more, my ratios are getting much better and I just about have it down.

So here is the process I went through to remove the acrylic from my nail.

Step 1: Soak in remover
You can use any acetone based polish remover or acrylic remover. I just used a regular sandwich bag to hold the liquid. Soak for 10 mins.

Step 2: remove acrylic
The top layer should be soft enough to scrape away. Use a metal cuticle pusher to remove as much acrylic as possible. Repeat steps 1&2 as needed.

Step 3: Clean up nail
I usually takes me 3 soaks to get the nail completely clean. At this point you can soak one last time to remove the last bit of acrylic or you can file this off.

Here is my nail with all acrylic removed. I mistakenly peeled the last layer of acrylic off and it took a little bit of my nail with it. I do not advise for acrylic to be peeled off. I usually soak it completely off and doing it that way my nail bed is just as pretty as it was before the acrylic was placed.

You do not necessarily have to remove every last bit of acrylic, only the lifting and whats necessary to rebalance the nail when reapplying.

Here I reapplied the acrylic. My shape is a little off but it is a huge improvement from the first set. I am getting used to the new system. Yay!!

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