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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Protective style - Simple Braided Bun

I have been bunning for the past few days. I switched it up from how I said I had it in the last post and am now doing the braided tucked bun. Its very simple, yet effective. I did a video on this a few years ago and I still do it the same way. Heres the video...

I stop and talk briefly about the shedding and birth control situation, somewhere in the middle. This was in the beginning when my hair was still crazy thick. *sigh*

My hair is as you can see, still recovering. The thickness is slowly coming back. I have had, what I call baby hair syndrome or halo hair, for a long time.

Slowly, but surely I will make it back to the crazy thick long hair I had long ago...

LOL. Its funny that I talk about it like it is some crazy myth. From all the hairloss I have experienced in my life time, it sure seems like it. But in the end, I'm sure I will make it back and you will see me whipping my hair around on youtube more often, just because... :D

Here is how I keep this style up everyday.

Braided Bun Regimen

  • Cowash every other day, when I dont cowash I spray with a water/conditioner/oil mix.
  • Detangle with denman brush when cowashing to remove any shed hair.
  • Use conditioner as a leave- in and add a little evoo or castor oil on top.
  • Smooth down edges with Eco Styler gel.
  • Cover with scarf to smooth and airdry.

I love this style because it is simple, quick, and it really helps to keep the hair nice and tangle free, as well as retaining growth. Its nothing flashy but I remember doing this on days when I didnt feel like wearing a baggy ponytail or any other style.
I'm wearing it now because it is so simple, I can just throw it in and go!

Hope you find my blog to be informative and helpful! TTYL!

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