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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open Box Haul - Drawstring Ponytails

My package came today! Well actually I had to run to the post office in the pouring rain to pick it up...

But here is the video showing what I got.

I want to clarify the "no hair" comment I made in the video. It was meant to be a joke and I dont mean it to bash anyone who does not have hair, as I have dealt with my fair share of hairloss over the years.

Thing is that it took me a long time to find a brand of drawstring ponytails that can actually hold a good amount of hair as well as hair as it gets longer and thicker.

I bought a ponytail a little while ago and was not able to wear it at all because it was so small. It literally was made for someone who had a tiny little bun like the model in the picture had.

That frustrates me because it seems to be the norm and add to the fact that it also plays into the stereotype that those who wear weave do so because they can not grow hair at all.

But yea, no big deal. Hope you enjoy the video!

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