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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inspired by- Revlon Kinda Editorial Fun Makeup

I was flipping through a Vouge and came across a Revlon ad which featured a deep blue & glittery smokey eye.

Was bored so I decided to recreate the look with my own twist! It actually came out nothing like the picture, but hey, this is my creative process. Take something and make it better.

Its a very fun look and yes I did use my 100 E.L.F. palette again. I absolutely love that thing... *sigh*

Shes wayyy pale so obviously I had to warm up the look for my skintone. I really went in a totally different direction than the pic.

Ahh... Such is life. ;)

But yea, I love the look. Both mine and the ads.

Oohh baby baby, bay, baby baby... Ahh.. ssss.. push it! Push it good!

Push it Real Good!!! lol

Products Used:

NYX Jumbo pencil- Pacific
100 ELF palette- dark sparkly blue- lid & outer lower lash line; sparkly lavender & pink- inner crease; highlight- inner corner; shimmer orange- lower lash line
MAC Rule & Saddle- outer crease
MAC Smolder- waterline
Sephora cream liner- black
Maybeline The Falsies
light brown brow pencil

MAC Pro Longwear NC45
La Femme blush Grape- cheeks
La Femme blush Sienna- Contour
Clinique Up-Lighting liquid illuminator- highlight C-curve to browbone

MAC Creme D'nude
NYX Nutmeg lip pencil

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