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Friday, July 20, 2012

Theater Shooting in Colorado

I am absolutely appalled and horrified at what happened early this morning in Colorado. Batman was a long awaited movie in which many people ran to see on premiere night. For someone to destroy what was supposed to be a night out for many families is just completely unreal!

There were children in the theater. Many of the victims were children.

How could something like this ever be an option?

I was planning on taking my 3 children to the theater to see this movie tonight. Obviously, I have canceled those plans. I have been thoroughly turned off from going to another movie for a long time.

I feel horrible for the people who lived through this as well as the people who died.

What went wrong in this guys life? He seemed to be doing well for himself.

Again, here we are in a world where people do these terrible things and are glorified for it. I think he wants to be like that piece of shit, George Zimmerman. Who knows...

I dont even want to think about that fool. I'm disgusted at the comments he has recently made.
"God's Plan" ????? Fucking asshole.

Since when was it gods plan for a child to be murdered in cold blood????

All I know is that I hope that these 2 get raped repeatedly when they go to prison.

And to those who may have these types of thoughts, please take it from me, whatever happened to you, it will pass. Society is not to blame for any problems you may have. The negative aspects of we as a culture will never change because of how one person feels. Even though this is a great tragedy, the world will continue turning and people will pick up where they left off.

Everyone has their own idea of how society should be, but none of them are right. No one set of views are actually best, because everyone is different. The thing that makes the world great is that everyone is unique. Everyone has different opinions and values.

Change the world by having a positive outlook on life.

It breaks my heart to see things like this.

Stay safe everyone! 

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Queen said...

Indeed it is sad. i just made a post about this in my blog. It truly breaks my heart that innocent people and children were harmed and killed during one of the many enjoyable pastime. I have the families of the victims in my prayers. May those that lost their lives rest in eternal peace.

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